Sony Xperia Z3 Unboxing & Hands On

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An unboxing and initial hands on with the Sony Xperia Z3.

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24 Comments on Sony Xperia Z3 Unboxing & Hands On

  1. Remembered my 1st sony ericsson was T100 xD . Had been in to motorola, nokia among some others, but always got back to Sony! The best for me in desing and multimedia

  2. the only question for sony is i bought a sony last october then late january i smashed it even when i had the protection on it? i bought the sony E3. also storage wise on it. but to get it replaced was 80 pounds and i spent 90 pounds to buy the phone so i didnt get it fixed i brought a new phone. i want this phone for my birthday though

  3. i bought the same thing form internet and when i've seen is a demo phone on the box , and the guy bought the charger and everything else and put it in the box
    is the phone alright  ? i mean if is a demo one i will have problems with it in the future  , i mean by now works fine 

    PLEASE can sum1 tell me what phone I should get. I really like the one m8 it looks amazing, but the z3 has slightly better specs with better camera and longer battery life. I was also thinking about other phones like nexus 5. sum1 help?

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