Sony Xperia Z3: Top 5 Features

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Top 5 features of the Sony Xperia Z3!

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27 Comments on Sony Xperia Z3: Top 5 Features

  1. hey, Im a proud owner of Sony Xperia Z(c6603) and I'm using my Xperia z for more than two years now. I use my phone for Multimedia usage and gaming(MKX and Asphalt) on daily basis. My Xperia Z is still running good with a pretty good battery life and the performance is excellent. I've accidentally dropped my phone lot of times ,more than i could remember and yet there is no shattered screen or broken glass.
    Some of the problems which i face are:
    1.Camera: Lack of camera shutter, Autofocus lag and poor low light performance.
    2.Speaker: average performance and
    3.Lags under heavy usage.
    So I'm planing on upgrading to Xperia Z2 or Z3 and id like to know which xperia product would be satisfactory ? and id also like to know weather the charging dock comes with the box or to be bought separately ?

  2. Wich one would you buy for the fastest user experience and future-proof ?? (battery longevity?)
    Samsun s6 – Sony z3+ – LG G4 – Asus Zenfone 2 4gb 2.3ghz ??

    For what I've seen on youtube, the zenfone is awesome and killing at multitasking, but baterilife is not that good, though Asus is releazing updates every month… But will this performance last in time?
    I don't care about fancy screens/cameras, nor NFC and fingerprint.
    I just want a long lasting device to work as fast as possible.

    Thank you very much!!

  3. Xperia Z2&Z3 still better than the rest of todays phone. BOOM

    Xperia Z2 user here. I can easily use my phine to connect my 4ksony aaction cam by NFC.
    Also im a PS4 user the Xperia is realy useful because i can play ps4 games with my phone.
    Cheers for that. Z2&Z3 cameras is 20.7mp!
    These are the highest camera. Sony is best on imaging quality.

    Ps: Sony just killed GoPro.

    Dont be a generic user. Be a Sony.

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