Sony Xperia Z3 – The Journey – TV Commercial

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Embark on a breathtaking journey and discover the story of a spectacular light show, inspired by the premium features of Sony Xperia Z3. From under water capabilities to stunning low light photos, witness the brilliance of Xperia Z3 – the highest waterproof* rating of any premium phone with a 2 day battery life.
Don’t settle for good. Demand great. 

In compliance with IP65 and IP68, the Xperia Z3 is protected against the ingress of dust and is waterproof. Provided that all ports and covers are firmly closed, the phone is (i) dust tight and (ii) protected against low pressure jets of water from all practicable directions in compliance with IP65; and/or (iii) can be kept under 1.5 m of fresh water for up to 30 minutes in compliance with IP68. Abuse and improper use of device will invalidate warranty. For more information see

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38 Comments on Sony Xperia Z3 – The Journey – TV Commercial

  1. I've got this phone. A white one (E6533). Only Z5 Premium Chrome can match its beauty.
    Powerful sound, great display. Awesome camera, I love using 4K and AR Effects.
    But i haven't tried underwater yet.
    I feel very satisfied..

  2. Wow great phone sony xperia z3 compact, I had it with me in the shower for not even 10 seconds to put on a diffrent song, and the speaker doesn't work properly anymore.

  3. just got this phone few days ago. I loved the phone so much but after 2 days, the glass on the back started to unglue. Now I'll be returning the phone. I'm quite hesitant on getting the z3 again though as I might get the same problem. :-(

  4. The 2 day battery claim is the first time in a long time that a company actually is true to their words. I get an average of 48h battery life and a best of 50h. I have had the phone for 8 months now. Best phone I have had. Only "bad" thing is that the glass is not that scratchproof that it should have needed to be. But lets be hones, it's just cosmetic, a nice rear wrap or shell fixes it.
    Keep up the good work Sony!

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