Sony Xperia Z3 Teardown

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The video show you Sony Xperia Z3 full disassembly. You will know how to tear down the Z3 for DIY repair. Get full Sony Xperia Z3 replacement parts – ; Know more repair guide: Sony Xperia Z3 Playlist –

What you should do:
Step1 Free the back cover (secured by adhesive sticker)
Step2 Remove the loudspeaker assembly
Step3 Remove the battery
Step4 Tear down the main flex
Step5 Remove the signal cable
Step6 Remove the magnetic charging flex
Step7 Take away the rear camera
Step8 Start to remove the motherboard
Step9 Remove the front camera
Step10 Tear down the earpiece
Step11 Remove the headphone jack with sensors
Step12 Free the screen connector
Step13 Separate the screen from the mid-frame
For avoid damaging the inner cables, do not put the guitar pick into the phone over 3mm.

1. Heat gun or hair dryer
2. Suction cup –
3. Two guitar picks –
4. Tweezers -…

39 Comments on Sony Xperia Z3 Teardown

  1. my phone is a sony xperia z5premium. and few days ago I went to swimming pool, take a vew photos andmy phone is dead when I turn it on, its only vibrate (once) the phone heats up and the screen stay black. so I turn it back off again by using the small button inside the flap. what should I do? I already put it inside silica gel and uncooked rice for a day, nothing happen.

  2. Hello …
    My name is Ali, from Iraq ..
    I have a problem and I wish you to solve.
    I have a Sony Z- 3 was signed by me with water and I've stopped engaging screen and then I went to the phone repairman has told me that the device may have disrupted its screen instead of screen but also did not actuation . Please give me a solution , and Sony responded to my message , I tired and confused now !!!

  3. Hi I replaced the screen on my Xperia Z3 D6603 turned it on and started using it but then I realized that the vibrator motor didn't work whatsoever. So I ordered a new power button/vibrator motor/mic assembly. Installed that, but it still doesn't work. How can I fix this?

  4. Sorry for consecutive questions but seems like you're the expert. I have a screen problem; the backlight turns on/off but nothing is displayed on screen, pitch black. I took Z3 apart and jiggled the LCD connector from the Main flex. I tried disconnecting and reconnecting it, also on the mother board(It's the big wide one, yes?) but still, only backlight. Does this mean that the problem is with the motherboard? Everything else works; the sound comes out and i can receive calls etc, just the screen pitch black. Can you figure what might be wrong? Thank you

  5. When you say "screen" at step 13, is that The digitizer or also the LCD? Because I have a cracked screen but the display works fine; only that the touch sensor is not working where the glass(i think digitizer) is cracked. If I want to replace ONLY the glass, is that possible? In the way you did at step 13?

  6. hello @wit rigs , i have a question about the headphone jack , can i remove it without removing everything else ? or just by removing a few things ? bc it might be that it is damaged and i want to replace it by my self. Thanks

  7. ok. so I'd like to just say it wasn't a complete tear down , you didn't remove the nylon flaps, nor the nylon corners.. I desperately desperately need a video on how to replace the nylon flaps and how to replace the nylon corners.. I have just ordered myself replacements. and I cannot find a video anywhere and your teardown and reassembly videos are the best, can you please post a video of replacing the flaps and corners please!?

  8. Hi, I need some help with my Xperia Z3, well I was testing if it was really waterprof and the water got inside anyway(pool water), the fact is that everything I see it's a black screen and nothing else, but when I try to charge it the led goes on which I supose that indicates that it's charging, I don't know. So what I should do?, warranty stills valid I bought the phone only 5 months ago, the warranty will cover that?(I'm almost sure that it wasn't my foul(all the opens were closed properly) so should be a manufacturing error)

  9. Hi! Witrigs. My Z3 got water inside but it works perfectly fine except for the network signal. It indicates "No service". Eventhough I already inserted a sim card. Do you know what is the reason why it has no signal?

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