Sony Xperia Z3+ Review – Still A Good Phone?

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Hey everyone, in todays video I review the Sony Xperia Z3+. The Z3+ isn’t a massive departure from the Z3 and only has a few minor tweaks. But is it still a good phone almost 1 year later?

Thanks to Vodafone for providing me with this to review.

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42 Comments on Sony Xperia Z3+ Review – Still A Good Phone?

  1. What do you prefer j7 or z3+? Is it also waterproof? Lastly, is it fast charging? Btw, I really love your accent I wish I also have that kind of accent. Hope you reply! ?

  2. 1. did you update the phone to marshmallow? another review said that the heating problem resolved with the marshmallow update.
    2. Did it heat up with regular usage of whatsapp, reading web browsing, youtube?

  3. can u tell me after the marshmallow update, if i use whtasapp and fb for more than an hour continuously will produce that much heat to make the hand uncomfortable????

  4. great video man. I have an z3 plus and I agree to whatever you said. The camera is great in terms of hardware but the software just is not as good. Hope sony fixes this. Also no raw support and no OIS in 2016 is unpardonable although I know the phone came out in 2015. The display is pretty good even if not quad hd, it does get pretty bright. After marshmallow its better. Stamina mode is returning mate so battery will become better.

  5. Thanks weston. I am about to buy an xperia.but haven't decided yet on z5premium nd z3+. I think u can help me out.. z5 is a bit expensive compared to Z3+ and according to my research there isn't a big difference btwn the two.. Give sum main reasons y I should choose z3+ ova z5 coz I don't want to spend more money on just little upgrades. I will be thankful

  6. Great video! Thanks for posting this, I'm looking to upgrade my phone and the Z3+ is a great option for me, here in Mexico is not as expensive as a S6 or an iPhone and it's pretty nice. I just got a doubt, with the software update (android 6) is there still any overheating problem with this phone? I'll appreciate your comments!

  7. A software update to bring back Stamina mode should also fix many software bugs brought with Android 6.0.
    The only thing I really dislike about my Xperia Z3+ is that the power button is too sensitive and my phone keeps turning on accidentally inside my pocket.But using a case fixed this problem but I dislike using a case.

  8. Always a fan of the Sony Xperia range, especially the smooth back. I would use my phone for a lot longer than half a hour, so the warmth may be an issue, as well as the camera. But it is still a decent, well rounded phone. Nice review man!

  9. how about that, was just thinking about getting a new phone and got this options the Z3+, HTC One M9 or the Z5. Thing is in my country cheapest Z5=600$ and cheapest Z3+=400$. Difference: only 3 extra Mpx and a fingerprint senzor. Honestly don't think the extra 200$ is worth it.M9=500$. Looked on phonearena,but need some opinions from persons that have'em. Ur reviews always on point Weston <3.

  10. Seems like an interesting device! For 350$ I really think it's a great Weston. Awesome review, Weston!
    P.s. – Those outdoor shots were beautiful. You should shoot outdoors more often.

  11. I love Sony..if at all they can change the built quality and provide timely updates I will still consider it as my daily driver.. thank you Buddy awesome video..?

  12. Hey man im a sony guy myself from phones like the XPERIA V, My current camera, my tv and My old psp. Do you recomend this for a long time sony user? thanks Weston

  13. Hey everyone, new video time. My take on the Sony Xperia Z3+.
    So what do guys think. Is it still a good phone?
    Thanks for watching and don't forget to share :)

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