Sony Xperia Z3 review

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While the Xperia Z2 was still a phone to get, Sony decided to slightly improve it five or six months after its introduction. Was it really necessary? Yes, according to Sony, and, now that we have it, we’ll see if it’s a phone you should look into.

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31 Comments on Sony Xperia Z3 review

  1. I often wonder why so many complain about battery life on phones. Yet Sony has a phone that can last a few days on a single charge. Why is it not as popular as Samsung? I really hope the Z5 comes to Canada. I want to upgrade from my Nexus 5 to the Z5.

  2. hey i got the z3 model d6653, i do not get many hours on stamina mode,does it have something to do with the lolipop update? on 65% on stamina mode i get about 12hours, normally is should be a day plus a few hours, i hope its not my phone thats going bad, just asking if any of you have any feedbacks or know something or something abiut my settings, i dont know.. thanks

  3. I'd been with HTC for 4 years with the Desire and the One X+ and was heavily considering an OS change to an iPhone 5S and then somebody told me about this phone. I then realised that going to the dark side would be silly. I'm definitely picking one of these up but I'm gonna wait for the Z4 to come out, see how the prices go down for the Z3.

  4. Good review but I noticed comments about the sonys camera being close to the note 4…..not a slight chance I have the note 4 and seen the comparison the note 4 blows it completely out of the water. I am switching to the z3 because I switch phones alot I get bored but the note 4 is a beast in all aspects but living in Florida I want water proof and a different ui experience

  5. I want to get this now. 

    It's just as good as the S6 (minus the quad hd – overkill anyway). 

    It's also reasonably priced. Way to go in my opinion if you are looking to upgrade. 

    Iphone 6 and Galaxy S6 are too expensive.

  6. To be honest, a huge design overhaul for flagship phones are rarely seen nowadays. And most brands just add a few tweaks, maybe change the material for the back or the screen. So I don't get why reviews always make it sound like Sony is the only one doing it. 

  7. If sonys z4 can just improve on the speakers and if it has OIS and if the back isn't glass (Idc if it's plastic) I'd seriously consider it Samsung S6s back will now shatter and HTC no OIS and not water resistant Sony please make these small changes and for God sake MARKET IT your not even getting half of the recognition you deserve 

  8. traded z2 in for this…only had to pay extra 40 bucks which imo is a good deal.
    dont see many difference between the 2 save for the slimer design and better brightness.
    everything else is the same.
    i miss the sony Toggle widget 🙁 dunno y they didnt add those to z3 when they are there on z2.

  9. All I just want from Sony with z4.bump up to s810, get rid of 16 GB and have 64gb, micro SD expansion then I'm buying them over HTC. Please keep the front speakers

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