Sony Xperia Z3 Plus VS Xperia Z3 – Review

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New Xperia Z3 Plus Comparison of Build Quality, Screen, Speakers Performance and features.

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25 Comments on Sony Xperia Z3 Plus VS Xperia Z3 – Review

  1. Companies should have 32gb free after they install all their apps etc.Very misleading when they advertise their phones as 16gb 32gb etc like my xbox has about 750gb free thats a whopping 250gb missing i hate these liars!!!

  2. They're basically the same phone. I have no idea why they try and say the Z3 battery lasts 2 days because I can't even make it through 1 day and I don't even go on it that much!

  3. why they bother to release this phone z3+, this more or less same z3 but the price difference is not same, in my opinion they should take some time off and make a phone that is comparable to other flagships

  4. I'm based in the US where I believe the Z3 has discontinued. Based on info I'm more into the Z3 then the Z3 Plus. If I get the Z3 will I still get software updates and other important updates? I ask only because they're discontinued and I kinda think they won't bother with Z3 anymore. Does anyone have the Z3 Plus and personally like it and recommend it??

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