Sony Xperia Z3 Marshmallow Update

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Quick look at the new 6.0.1 update on the Xperia Z3

34 Comments on Sony Xperia Z3 Marshmallow Update

  1. Thanks for the video… Does 6.0.1 improve the in-call volume? Ever since upgrading to Lollipop my in-call volume is much lower than it used to be. Speakers also lower for media playback.

  2. One question, if you enable google now on tap on the z3, how do you quickly access the now cards page? Because you can't swipe left from the homescreen like stock android phones

  3. I`m still waiting my 6.0.1. update on my Z3, it is carier branded(T-com) so it will take a while. You forgot to mention one thing, they added a double tap to sleep funcion, not a big deal but it`s nice to have it.

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