Sony Xperia Z3+ Fanta Freeze Test! Will It Survive? (4K)

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Have your ever wondered what would happen to your Sony Xperia Z3+ when frozen in Fanta for over 5 hours? Will it survive the harsh conditions?

Sony mobile’s new Xperia Z3 Plus also known as Sony E6553 and Sony Xperia Z4 in some countries is a waterproof and dust resistant smartphone with an impressive IP65/68 ingress protection rating. This phone was tested in a Fanta freeze test to find out whether it would survive for more than 5 hours of freezing.

The smartphone is charged up to 100% of battery and is submerged in a container filled with Fanta, while its display is turned on. The phone’s touch screen response is tested under Fanta and is found to have a normal to slightly unresponsive nature. The container with Xperia Z3+ is then put in the freezer to freeze. The phone when observed after some time had a black display. Will the phone completely die was the ultimate question. The Sony Xperia Z3+ was taken out of the freezing environment after over 5 hours. When the frozen…

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