Sony Xperia Z3 Compact Review

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A hands on review of the Sony Xperia Z3 Compact, the 2nd generation compact smartphone from Sony.

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Sony Xperia Z3 Compact Review

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37 Comments on Sony Xperia Z3 Compact Review

  1. Hey guys i need your help . I am really confused about if i better buy this phone or the LG g3 , will the performance be a lot better on the g 3 ?
    (Note : their prices are very near here)

  2. Any Idea which is the best front and back 9h glass protector ?

    I searched high and low and get conflicting opinions on the Nillkin, rhino shield, mocolo….

    I want a good screen protector that covers the back and front from impacts, shatter and scratches

  3. Although a little to late,i have a question regarding the z3c's quick charge 2.0 capability.Are all variants quick charge 2.0 compatible or only the japanese variant(as some sites suggest) Thanks in advance!

  4. i really like your explaination,your voice is soothing 🙂 and i'm gonna buy this phone,hope that its not too late as the z5 have been revealed
    srry english is not my language

  5. Damn, that's one hell of a detailed review. Awesome, thanks. Didn't even know that it has those "secret" features like rejecting a cool by shaking it. Awesome! I was doubting between iPhone 5s and this one, but now, Z3 C for sure!

  6. Have z1 compact for almost 2 years, Best buy I ever did. I never was fan of smarthphones, mostly because of their ridiculous size, but compact is great. 
    Didnt had any problems with it either.

  7. I can upgrade within the next month and I am torn between the Z3 Compact and the LG G3, never will I get another iPhone again, they're just awful! My main worry is just how fragile is this phone? It's the same with the LG G3, both look fragile and I'd be worried encase I smash the screen. This phone however does really catch my eye, it looks good and powerful, which should I get? :/

  8. I own this Absolutely AWESOME phone, it is by far the best buy on the market, i highly recommend you to purchase one and then come back here and share your thoughts.
    I managed to buy mine on ebay at a reduced price of £219 gbp, just got the phone and nothing else, I managed to replace everything and wouldn't part with it now, it truly is mind blowing 🙂 

  9. Hi guys I'm soon gonna get this phone but something is keeping me away from it… The self cracking problem is it actually true?! I live in the philippines and really looking forward to get this awesome phone . please reply!!

  10. Good day ladies and gents. To all the Z3C owners, how has your device fared thus far? What's this talk about the phone cracking in pockets? Care to shed some light for how it's been for you? How long have you used your Z3C? Any accidental falls?

  11. Absolutely DO NOT BUY I've not had this phone for two weeks and a massive crack has just appeared. After searching on Google I've noticed hundreds probably thousands of other people having the same issue. I got it on a contract that I am now locked in on for two years!! I feel sick just thinking about how much of a fool I was getting this! Do not buy ppl unless you've more money than sense 

  12. I've watched a lot of videos regarding the sony xperia z3 compact. And I must say this is the best. He won me at 'xperia transfer'. No other reviews on youtube mentioned that. Now it just makes me wanna change to android more. I've been an apple user since '11. Used 2 iphones and was hesitant to changed software. But im not looking into getting anymore apple products due to it's price. But it is so likely that im changing my phone to z3 compact when it's due 2 years in June 15.

  13. Anyone that has tried to compare the speakers of Z3C? Im still undecided cause Z3 is too big for me, but what Im more concerned in here was the Speakers of Z3C which quite muffled unlike with Z3 please help thanks

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