Sony Xperia Z3 Compact – Honest Review

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A fanboy-free look at the new Sony Xperia Z3 compact.

39 Comments on Sony Xperia Z3 Compact – Honest Review

  1. Great prospect, but it looks like a lot of buyers are having a problem with the front glass separating/cracking. How true this is, I know not. But it begs for further investigation before purchase.

  2. Although a little to late,i have a question regarding the z3c's quick charge 2.0 capability.Are all variants quick charge 2.0 compatible or only the japanese variant(as some sites suggest) Thanks in advance!

  3. I do not reccomend buying this phone because it's very fragile I've had this phone for 2 months and the glass over the screen has come off. Also the cover over the mini -usb recharging plug has come off meaning that the phone is not water resistant any more. Dont waste your money

  4. whats your number one favorite advice.

    sony makes the best smartphones nobody knows about cuz of terible marketing. Sony and nokia lumias are the best phones imo.

    And with the new z5's camera and specs it will blow s6 and all the other competitors out of the competition. What do you think of the z5 compacts design? Some people don't like it cuz it's too thick and not as good looking as the z3c. I'm curious what the new windows 10 phone will have to offer.

  5. Too bad its not really waterproof and Sony's customer service is a nightmare.  Other than that the phone is awesome.  I put electrical tape over all my ports because I read a lot of stories on the internet that water gets in those ports easily as they are not sealed properly.  Tried taking pictures underwater like the kid on Sony's website, phone died 10 minutes.  I opened up the ports an water was pouring out!   Not waterproof by any degree IP68 my ass.

  6. This phone is so cool, you can wake it up when locked, just by tapping on it twice!!!
    The sound comes front the front, as opposed to from the bottom….these features have not been mentioned….so I thought I would mention them!!!
    I have just bought an m4 aqua but this beats it, by far….so Im returning the m4 and swapping it for this one…

  7. U know nothing about this phone like u said it doesn't have wireless charging, but it does that's what the magnetic charger port is at the left side of the phone it's not used for ps4 remote play

  8. Because of its theoretical battery life I am eyeing this phone, but the glass back cover kinda makes me worried about it´s durability…  did you have any bad experience with it, I mean the back cover glass?

  9. I had almost decided to get this phone to replace my iPhone 5s, but then I read a lot of stories about cracked screens and shattered glass. That's unfortunately a deal breaker for me.

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