Sony Xperia Z3 Compact – After The Buzz, Episode 48

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The Z3 Compact is coming up on its year anniversary, and it can be found unlocked for under $400. What you get for that is still excellent: a water resistant smartphone with solid software, loud speakers, a look and feel you can’t find anywhere else, and good battery life. No it’s not excellent battery life, the loud speakers are muffled, and you’ll want to make sure you’re careful with its glass finish and its earphone port. (Plus, we’d happily trade some of the software bloat for a better overall camera) … But unless and until Sony releases the Z4 Compact, nothing else out there is gonna give you the same power in such a tiny package. Find out if the Z3 Compact is the phone for you in the latest installment of After The Buzz!


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44 Comments on Sony Xperia Z3 Compact – After The Buzz, Episode 48

  1. I seem to have multiple probs with my z3c. it shut down once n couldnt switch on. sent for warranty and i ended up 1 month without hp.

    now, i have prob with
    – notification tray (have to swipe few times)
    – alphabet i and j so hard to punch
    – alarm clock cannot us AM. only PM.
    – now people complaining of not hearing my voice whenever talking

    been using less than a year. any advice guys.

  2. worst phone ever. started to fall apart within a month. magnetic charge fell off, back glass cracked just because it over heated while shooting 4k (now its not waterproof). since i cant use the magnetic dock i had to open the flap to plug in usb. now the gasket on the flap falls off and the flap no longer closes like it use to. battery life isnt what it use to be (but i guess thats normal). cant hear anything from speakers if sound is under 75%. sound only comes from one speaker too and sucks, every other phone beats it by miles. Headphone jack broke too. I cant use my klipsh headphones for some reason when it works fine on other units. Got this because it was smaller than iphone 6 and wanted to try an android device. I regret it,i should stuck with apple's iphone. Maybe it was just the unit i got, but it was enough to drive me back to apple and say away from android. just my thoughts.

  3. My Xperia Z3 compact's backlit display isn't working anymore the backlight isn't turning on but if I put a flashlight on the display and turn it on the screen still works I can see the U.I. touchscreen still functions just no backlight
    What should I do ? Should I get the entire display replaced or the backlight
    The popping sound on my Z3c compact when I squeeze it sounds different it's sounds like tiny pop rocks popping
    Help please

  4. I have the Z3 Compact and it's a amazing phone in a small size, not forgetting it's a lot cheaper than the Z3. I only thing I wouldn't recommend is upgrading to Lollipop because it hurts the battary a lot. I don't think this is Sony's fault becuase my brother's Galaxy S4 also noticed a huge drop in battery life after upgrading from KitKat and Lollipop.

  5. Research these major flaws before getting this phone:
    1. Self cracking back glass
    2. Easily scratching camera lens (it's coated plastic)
    3. Failing headphone port
    4. Waterproof fails and general weaknesses of the port flaps.
    5. Total denial by Sony Mobile about any of these issues.
    Check youtube, XDA forums, replacement parts reviews on amazon etc.

  6. nothing else out there? what about the z1 compact?It has better customer reviews on several websites. I'm trying to decide between the two. Could you do an "After the Buzz Episode" for the z1 compact?

  7. Thank you for your video. I currently have an xperia z1 compact. Do you recommend me upgrading to the z3 compact? The only problem i have with the z1 compact are the speakers, it's not that great. I know the z3 compact has stereo speakers. Can you let me know if it's any better. Please let me know your thoughts.

  8. in feature pls stop laying, phone is not waterproof, its lie from manufacturer, there is couple of cases against Sony in US, for that sony replace phones for free if you complain about water demage, phone is water resistant and dust resistant, completly not suitable for underwater video or pics

  9. Hi Everyone! I need your help. My Sony Xperia Z3 compact suddenly died after 3 months of using it. It is not turning on or not even detected on pc. I have sent it already for repair. I was able to find a forum about SUDDEN DEATH on this particular phone

    Is SONY aware about this or making a recall on this defective phones? POCKETNOW, please help me. :(

  10. Turns out I'm appearantly on a crossroad here between this and the S5. Although the display better on the S5, it's SAMOLED display degrades over time and starts developing dead pixels, aka the "burn in". But also it's camera has many useful modes like metering etc. Batteries both are good, and it's even possible to get a higher capacity variant on the S5. I'm going to go 2 years with one, but I'm not sure for how long will the S5 get updates.

    Any ideas?

  11. I just bought my sony z3c for almost a month. Im having a problem with the lower speaker it was buzzing and not functioning well, it was unbearable. So i decided to return it to sony and they decided to repair it. I was just curious will it still be water proof after the repair? Thanks

  12. Actually I don't like glass back while I really like the translucent frame. I hope Sony will ditch glass back for the Z5 and Z5 compact. Then I will consider switch my Z3C to Z5 or Z5 compact.

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