Sony Xperia Z1

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My Sony Xperia Z1 review is based on using the device for a couple of weeks non-stop and rather than being focused on the features and specifications (which you can find in a chart anywhere) is focused on the little things I noticed while using it.

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44 Comments on Sony Xperia Z1

  1. Linus, an important part of any smartphone reviewers tend to miss out is the microphone quality, and dynamic range.
    I would be very grateful if you could start appropriate tests for it.

  2. In my opinion, since the Z1 sony are producing the hands down best high-end phones on the market. I switched from a G24 to the Z2 and im looking at the new Z4 now. As long as they continue to make these quality products i will continue to buy them. Not a fan boy here tho. If something better comes out. I'll happily buy that ¡. But im sure it wont be a samsung. Good phones for sure, but the price point vs the quality is just MEH! 600+ for a plastic, relatively ugly phone is just not cool

  3. I hate requirements for password creation. My passwords are random gibberish anyways no one would ever just guess my password even if it's 8 characters. Having to use one capital lowercase and a number requires me to make something simple just to remember it.

  4. I guess I'm like your mother in that I like all those reminders. :-S  And here I thought I was a sophisticated user.  You are welcome to show me any/all of the features in my bathtub. :-*

  5. So, i understand its waterproof and dustproof, but i noticed the 3.5 audio jack isn't protected by anything, how does that work? I own an Xperia GO which is essentially a grandfather to the Z1 and its usb AND audio jack is protected.

  6. I will get the Nokia Lumia 1520. Bigger screen, same camera and plastic back. I can't be dealing with a glass back. I may get the S5 too as I love notification lights

  7. I had to replace my Galaxy Tab, when I allowed someone else to borrow it for the night; they had car problems and accidently dropped the Tab in a snow filled, water puddle.  $$  — no good deed goes unpunished.

  8. dud the pepole are talking about that xperia z1 has bad dispaly and also bad battery life when u non stope play vedio its not last longer the even gs4,so u tel me xperia z1 is a good phone are not???

  9. must wait for the z2. waiting till they give me a killer screen like the htc one or the z ultra, truly blown away camera and hopefully a more powerful speaker coz i aint satisfied with the z1 speaker

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