Sony Xperia Z1 vs Xperia Z

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This time we look at the newest Sony Xperia smartphone and its predecessor that essentially started it all. Josh takes you through the Sony Xperia Z1 vs the Xperia Z.

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37 Comments on Sony Xperia Z1 vs Xperia Z

  1. Help! I am about to buy a Z or Z1 and cannot decide. I can get the Z for £90 or the Z1 for £120 new. Obviously the Z1 has better specifications but everyone tells me the Z1 breaks really easy and Android Authorities drop test epically failed. Which one do you think I should get? Thanks! ;-)

  2. I think I like them both. I've owned a Z before, but then I lost it! So I'm replacing it with a Z1 (until now… I thought the original Z was the Z1…). Looking forward to using the Z1 😀
    I think the Z is overall a better looking phone though and it would be nice if the Z1 had a headphone flap, too.

  3. I feel like 5 inches is the sweet spot for smart phones. Not to annoyingly big or to small. Maybe it's my hand size but it just feels right. Owned the note 3 and felt it to be to heavy and annoying to operate. I prefer xperia z

  4. The back of the original Xperia looks nicer than the z1, z2, z3.  Having the 'SONY' logo just doesnt look as nice as XPERIA.  Amazon did the same with their new Kindles.

  5. I'm watching this on my Xperia Z, great phone but somehow underrated, great display, I don't really care about the viewing angles, I didn't even notice that "problem" until I read it on the internet, watching movies is a blast, Sony apps are pretty good, especially walkman with the sound clearer and if you got good headphones the music experience is awesome, camera is simple to use and u can install addons, it is water resistant which is awesome, you are not afraid from a glass of water or raining, you can even take pictures in the water. Stamina mode is awesome and it saves a lot of battery and the price is very good for a top phone and updates are avaible constantly, Samsung keeps copying everything from Sony so why not try it out

  6. I use to have the Xperia Z and now I'm using the Z1 and the Z1 is way better! I went through 3 Xperia Z phones in 6 months and then I got the Z1 and have had zero problems! 

  7. Does the sony xperia z have any lag at all? i know this is a much better phone than the s3. I've been dealing with s3's lag and overheating of battery and im tired of it. Can someone tell me honest comments on the disadvantages of the Z

  8. Nothing about the charger? Z1 comes with the magnetic charger so you wont have to peel open the plastic lid every time.
    The Z also has these "magnetic" connectors at the side but comes with standard USB charger. Sadly the Z1 magnetic charger does not fit on the Z. sup with that?

  9. I have the Z1 and I've had it for a month or so and find it a little bit more impressive the  original Xperia Z I had last year. It feel much more solid (a little heavier) and the unit is also a bit bigger. I bought it second hand from Cex for half the price of a new one and it doesn't have a scratch on it.  I am impressed with the screen because although I keep it in a pocket it don't have a scratch on it still – same with the back of the device – it hasn't picked up the slightest mark, though I make sure it don't share space with any keys or change! So it seems that the materiel the screen is made from is more resilient then my old  'Z' which has scratches and marks all over it despite using screen protectors. Still not that excited about the screen though – not a patch on the Samsungs in my opinion. Colours not so vibrant or sharp. Films and media still look pretty good.

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