Sony Xperia Z1 vs Samsung Galaxy S4 Quick Look!

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Sony is really thrusting themselves in to the top tier smartphone market with what we knew as the Honami phone. So, Josh pits it against one of the top dogs. Check out the quick look at the Sony Xperia Z1 vs the Samsung Galaxy S4.

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37 Comments on Sony Xperia Z1 vs Samsung Galaxy S4 Quick Look!

  1. I've been using Z1 for few months and it's extremely frustrating. Getting too hot on heavy use, app crashes all of a sudden, screen is too sensitive so it instigates major typos and touch sense problems, bad display, terrible multitasking. It is the worst phone I've ever used in my life. Of course it has a lot of pros; waterproof, great design, battery life, camera. But overall, this phone is not for me. Just bought the S4 cuz I couldn't stand the Z1 anymore.

  2. That,brand sony has already give me a elegant and fashion feeling. Haha probably because of sonys promotion and product. All elegant and fashion. Sony Ps, psp, music player and product that are so elegant and pretty. Besides, with its collaboration with square enix that's also have a great sense of design and art, it makes sony a elegant brand already for me. Love sony. Xperia series are so pretty but sadly too many ppl out there dun love xperia design. 

  3. Bad display on Z1 Can anyone explain to me why the display on the Z1 is such as ghastly yellow colour?? hmm?? Because it is and I only noticed it becuase I also have the orifiginal 'Z' which came out a year ago and its dispilay in my opinion is far superiar to the Z1 – at the moment.. considering getting rid of the Z1..

  4. No one can deny the z1 is the more premium feeling and has better performance. But in terms of ergonomics the s4 wins for comfort, ease of use, battery replacement, viewing angles, better processing of images.

  5. The funny thing is people who says "samsung rules" etc. barely anyone likes that comment/agree xD and people who says "xperia z1 rules" about 20 people likes it 😀 and I agree too! Xperia Z1 FTW! xD

  6. Hey guys I just gave up by giving my s4 against a z1 yesterday and it was a great decission!:d premium design it feels way better than the s4 in the hand,great camera and very powerfull in playing games! (yes it beats the one,s4 in performance) complaints? the speaker is less louder but is normal is dust proof and waterproof and the screen could have been a bit better.Conclusion me I like it personally,however is not made for everyone because is a pretty big phone

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