Sony Xperia Z1 vs Samsung Galaxy S 4

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There are a lot more similarities between the two than you’d think; there are also just as many differences between them. The Z1 has the highest megapixel count on an Android phone today, but is it enough to compete with one of the best Android shooters out there on the S 4? We’re looking at that, build quality, software, and much more, in our Sony Xperia Z1 vs Samsung Galaxy S 4 video below! Enjoy!

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20 Comments on Sony Xperia Z1 vs Samsung Galaxy S 4

  1. I used both phones and here is honest review.
    Z1 OVER S4: CAMERA (just by a little) , SPEED, DESIGN, Waterproff
    S4 OVER Z1: Front Camera, Loudspeaker, Mic recording, Display, lighter and tinner (more compact)

    Comparing this two phones is really hard. I can't say that Z1 is better, and i can't say that S4 is better.
    It's just what you want from a phone.
    If you are into photography, love going onto social networks all day and needing that extra speed without lags than go for Z1.
    If you love shooting videos, listening to music on loudspeaker, have better screen (watching movies ETC) than go for S4.

  2. thank you! The whole time I was watching I was like "man I need to check the comments to make sure I'm not the only one thinking this is the most biased video I have ever seeeen" Don't get me wrong, pocket now is good but this guy clearly is in love with the s4

  3. i've got a z1 and i've brought out to the field and dropped it on concrete, in pools of water, grass, dirt, pavement, wood, and many other surfaces, and it has not cracked or spoilt yet. my best bud who has a s5 already smashed up his screen about 3 times and has had water damage. if you want a rock solid phone, the build quality of the sony is definately a winner. btw i'm trying to accidently 'spoil' my z1 so that i can change to the z3. its been 4 weeks unsucessful…. apparently the metal band is too damn strong!

  4. Check out antutu benchmark, and tell me if the difference is tiny or not, i manage to score only 288067 , where xperia z1 and G2 manage to get 33000 plus….i'm not a fan of any brand, i got s4 coz it was better than xperia z, but the Z1 is so much better than my S4, my sister used to have one and now she got Z2, and i'm still stuck with ma S4 i9500 octa core version….i'm saving up for z3 or will get iphone 6 if they live up to the hype and speculations….and trust me and galaxy is not a phone u wanna show off to your friends, the built materials just don't have the wow factor as xperia z series, HTC or iphones

  5. I have the galaxy s4, but this review is sh*****t, the only part where the S4 has an edge is the viewing angle, and saying that the S4 daylight camera has more details is just*****************

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