Sony Xperia Z1 Unboxing

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It has now landed in our European labs for the full review treatment. We’re going to analyze it, compare it, submerge it, and review it. …but first, we’ll have to unbox it, and that’s exactly what we’re doing in this video, taking a look at what’s inside the box, the presentation, bundled accessories, and our first impression, should you decide to go with Sony’s flagship, as announced and launched this autumn of 2013. Everything you need is in the video below, so, stay back, relax, and get ready for some first-person unboxing p0rn.

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  1. Getting mine tomorrow after 2 years with a samsung s3, S3 'was' a nice phone but to plasticy and hard to hold.  Had the first xperia in 2010, then arc in 2013.  Really looking forward to getting back to xperia as they are superior phones.  Only the non apple and samsung 'fanboys' can appreciate what they are paying for.  Plus I'm getting a free pair of sony MDR-10RBT bluetooth headphones and a years free subscription to sony music unlimited on O2, so hey hey!  I was trying to hold out a few more months for the Z2, but that was such a good offer, I couldn't wait anymore.

  2. I've also done the water proof test i was very scared to do it incase it broke but i submerged it in water for 2 minutes and took it out its totally fine. The speaker though cuts out for three minutes and doesnt work but it vibrates to tell you its okay. I'm really shocked sony have made it totally waterproof i'm quite clumsy when it comes to dropping my phones down the toilet. I've done it quite a number of times lol so if the xperia gets dropped down there i will know its okay 

  3. I love the xperia z1 its a great phone i got one on three pay as you go and the whole specs on it are amazing. The only thing that isnt very good as sony claims is the tft display it has poor viewing angles so you have to hold it directly towards you otherwise the screen starts ghosting. The other con is the camera i've tested it in low light day and night and it isnt very good as sony claims the pictures seem slightley washed out with some noise in them . The camera is just the same as any other android platform 

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