Sony Xperia Z1 Unboxing And Camera Tests

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Full unboxing and test of the 20.7 mega pixel camera on the sony xperia Z1.
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42 Comments on Sony Xperia Z1 Unboxing And Camera Tests

  1. Help me- I heard the camera is not upto mark and viewing angles aren't good in Z1, i have s4 , i swear… it is really awesome in viewing angles and camera.. can i move to Z1 ? 

  2. This is the best phone I've owned and I've owned plenty. HTC one x, S4, NOTE 2, iPhone5. This phone is not beatable! Every thing it's perfect, and it's super fast. My only complain is that the camera wasn't as good at night time but after the update it takes stunning shots at night and day.

  3. Xperia Z1 phone is a totally fucked up phone.  not designed for men.  It is designed to sleep inside ladies purse.  I used to have iphone and samsung galaxy one note and they dropped from me hundreds of times without any major damages (except for scratches and dents on corners) and this fragile lady phone got totally damaged from a drop from 40 cm height.. totally fucked up phone.  Men: don't buy this shit.  Ladies enjoy it but tie it to your purse, because if it drop from 30 cm height, it will stop working.

  4. Used it for 3 weeks and its a crap! dis like Z1 BIg time! too big fr a 5 inch sceen! Colours still look washdout! Dont get 2 excited with its shinny looks nd crap 20.7 mp nt soo good! pics vry graind! Moved on to Samsung Note 3 N9005! love it!

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