Sony Xperia Z1 Teardown

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We did the complete Sony Xperia Z1 teardown. Follow this video; you will know how to fix your broken Xperia Z1. Get full and original Sony Xperia Z1 replacement parts at ; get all Xperia Z1 Repair Tools: .

00:05 Remove SIM card holder
00:30 Power off the phone.
00:52 Start to heat and tear down the back cover.
04:38 Tear down the back housing frame.
09:04 Remove the rear facing camera.
09:34 Remove the battery.
10:17 Remove the loudspeaker with two logic boards.
11:04 Remove the mother board.
13:48 Tear down the front camera.
15:20 Remove the earpiece.
17:00 Separate the LCD screen from mid frame.
24:35 Teardown the earphone jack with the sensor cable.
27:00 Remove the RF cable.

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34 Comments on Sony Xperia Z1 Teardown

  1. hi just got this phone yesterday from second hand, my question is there is problem with my front and back camera, the quality of the camera is really bad, also the flashlight make the picture like got the purple tint issue can somebody help me please

    nb : I am using tempered glass for the back door and front display, does thaat effects?

    sorry for my poor english :D

  2. Hi wit rigs, when i talk with my friend they told me can hear me with quality, they hear me with noise, my down microphone is damaged ? it can be replaced? i actually disamble but cant find the microphone, please can u help me? i can buy a replace

  3. for real.
    can you fix my Xperia Z1 please?
    my Z1 suddenly dead.
    i was listening a song back in the day it died, and suddenly the screen is dead but the music still play.
    then i turn it off by the reset button and turn it on again.
    and then it did turned on, i can feel it but the screen still dead, and the phone become very hot, so hot like it burn.
    then i turn it off with the reset button again and i charged it, and then it get hot again, even hotter than before.

    i left it charged for an hour. i was so panic back there. and then when i check it, the heat is gone, but the phone, she died, she won't start anymore.
    i don't know what to do. because all of my memories was in that phone. the memory card was suddenly gone. nothing remains now.
    sorry for my bad english.
    please respond my comment immediately. i'm so fucking frustrated right now.
    can you please fix it?
    where do you live?
    do i have to send my Xperia to your place?
    by the way i'm an Indonesian. i live in Indonesia.

  4. i recently bought an xperia z1 replacement screen but there are no copper connections for the flex cables. would this cause problems? there is only adhesive and no copper areas.

  5. Best instruction ever!! – how not to remove the headphone jack!!!? lol
    p.s. it would be nice if you could show us the proper way to do this, after all isn't that the point of this video?

  6. what will i do my xperia z1 black out,,when i open its vibrating only,,i can received messages, calls,,the camera is functional also, the problem is i cant open my xperia z1 black out… Please help.. is there still chance to fixed or none??

  7. I have xperia z1 but have some problem with it. The simcard are detected but there is no service. I hv tried the sim into another phone, it was just fine. Only with the xperia z1. There is no network. But the phone said that the sim are inserted. Only the service @ network not appear.. I am so glad if you could give me some suggestion or solutions since the phone no longer under warranty. Thank you 

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