Sony Xperia Z1 Review!

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A brand new, tuned up Sony Xperia Flagship!

Sony Xperia Z1:

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Sony Xperia Z Review:

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  1. lol
    and then, some time latter, a certain "S" brand does exactly the same thing in regards to construction and ingress protection and it is now all the rage.. tsc tsc.. what's next? frosted back glass? or better still.. when this "S" brand starts to use the super/over sampling of high megapixel sensors on their phones, than that will be the next big thing when the pixel size wars becomes dull?
    i guess thinking ahead of times doesn't really do any good if you are not ahead of the pack…
    marketing does indeed brainwash people…!

  2. Thanks for the review mate. I just got this very phone as a hand-me-down from my brother and I'm getting to grips with it. I'm not a phone enthusiast or anything but it's about time I got one of those smartphones.

  3. I'm having mines imported from China at £125.99, and I can't wait, cos I can't stand the sight of the M2 anymore, especially since I updated it to 5.1.1 tch…..

  4. I've using this phone since November 2013, to my surprise I am totally in love with this phone. People everywhere complaining about the phone's screen getting cracked and stuff, believe me I have had so many falls that were very blunt and nothing has happened to my phone. I would keep using this phone till the day it dies but ultimately it is just a phone, I am getting bored out of it. Will go for Oneplus 2, just hope I get an invite soon. One thing more, throw any app, any game, anything to this device, it handles everything like a charm. I love this phone. Just one down side, the speaker of the phone.

    Ps.- I know am too late to write a comment on this post for such an old phone.

  5. I've been using my Z1 since feb 2014… almost 15 months…I heavily used it throughout the period it never failed me. was a great companion and waterproof thing really helped me as a biker and those viewing angles hardly ever bothered me. Its nw running on lollipop and that's great. Should say that sony has the best aftermarket service software and firmware update wise. I always admire this as I cannot help noticing other android phones my friends bought even after I did are abandoned by the company and still running on kitkat or jellybean. I love my phone and still dont feel like i should move on. if I do so I can assure it will be a Z3 or upcoming z4

  6. I do not recommend this phone. It is very fragile and easy to break/bend, and Sony's custom version of Android is crappy. It is also close to impossible to root or flash custom ROMs on it. Sony could also put 60fps and 4k recording on it with a simple update, but they didn't cause they want you to buy one of their newer phones if you want those features.
    I had the phone for just two months and now its broken. Don't buy it!

  7. I don't care, as a biker, i need phone like this….when rain, i don't have to stop and cover my phone with plastic bag etc….as long Z1 can survive under water…it's fine with me…can HTC do that? :D

  8. Sony has fixed every of the defects you mentioned in the new Xperia Z4!! The charging port and the headphone jack port are open, and the only covered flap is for the sim card and the micro sd card.. If you get that, do review it!!

  9. Hey bruh, before buying my z I saw your reviews first…. But now I want to buy the z3 or wait till the z4 so can u please do a review on z3 please…. And please do sony products 🙂 

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