Sony Xperia Z1 Drop Test!

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You asked for it, and we’re delivering. Josh drop tests the premium feeling Sony Xperia Z1. Can a metal casing surrounded by glass survive the fall?

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48 Comments on Sony Xperia Z1 Drop Test!

  1. iam not going to lie iam getting the iphone 6 because I left my phone in my Desk draw the next morning I opened my desk draw and there was a freaking crack through the screen on the front and on the back there is all scratches so that's a lie that it's shatter proof.

  2. that's some b***** I put my freaking Xperia in my pocket with my lighter that I forgot to get out because I just got that phone for $800 and it freaking cracked I was like it's not a big deal its just a little crack to the screen but no I opened it up and the freaking touch screen wouldn't work anymore don't get this phone this is a piece of s*** great content though not a good quality built

  3. My mom dropped her Z1 and the screen shattered. The thing is that the screen lights up, but that there are cracks which makes the lcd uncontrollable. For instance, when you try to unlock it, it presses different digits on its own, while you're trying to press a certain digit. Is only the glass in front of the lcd cracked, or do I have to change the whole display?

  4. I dropped mine 3-4 times and it has no marks on it except from one that you can barely see on the chassis where it landed and it works as it worked when i bought it, might be just bad luck in the video. I'm very satisfied with the phone except for the viewing angles on the screen and the loudness of the speaker… Otherwise it's a great phone as far as design and performance goes.

  5. I guess it's a bit late to share my experience, but just in case it helps someone decide… I left my phone on the car roof while I was doing some work outside the house, listening to some music. My wife drove off – I obviously realised what had happened when the music stopped. The phone stayed on the car for about 100m (300ft) and fell off when she went around a sharp-ish curve. Her speed at that point would have been about 50k/h (30m/h).  The phone had a hard flip case. I got there about 1 minute later, luckily before any other cars had passed. The phone had popped out of the case on impact I presume, because it was about 5m (15ft) from the case, lying face up. Two clips from the case were broken. The phone glass was completely intact apart from a small shallow scratch on the back glass.  There were a couple of small dents/chips in the actual metal part of the case, top and bottom edge of phone. No problems turning it on afterwards – full functionality.  So: very lucky, good case, and impressed with the phone's ability to survive whatever happened to it once it popped out of the case – it must have still be traveling fairly quickly to end up so far from the case. Thanks Sony!

  6. I accidentally hit mine on the edge of my wood table (the edges are rounded) while chilling my arms around. The screen shattered, and I can no longer use the touch screen.

  7. my sony smartphone, not the z1 but the acro s, have done that a few times. it have always come to live after a few hours or even days. can´t explain, suddenly it just turns on anyways! – And i have used in the shower! love sony smartphones

  8. Dropped mine many times with no damage, but then dropped it from about 3 feet and the back glass shattered.  I coated it in epoxy and duct tape… I pray it holds together – but it is obviously no longer waterproof and I am more than a little scared or damaging it further.  

  9. das ist nicht war meine z1
    habe ich in Hosentasche zusammen mit Schlüssel aussversehen gesteckt  und hat eine Kratzer auf Display bekommen zweite mal ist mir in Laminat Boden gefallen und hat seitlich  Kratzer bekommen.
    dritte mal von kfz halterun gefallen wieder Kratzer auf Display bekommen.
    also hören sie auf Märchen zu zeigen
    das war meine erste und letzte sony

  10. Im about to buy a new smartphone but i dont know what to buy, my plan was a Xperia Z1,Z2 or Z3 (compact) but i need a phone that is able to survive drops weekly from 2-5 feet so do any of you know which smartphone that is strong and wont break ?

  11. how does your xperia z1's screen doesnt crack from a 5 foot drop direct onto the screen on concrete, but my z1's screen cracked after being in my pocket for 5 mins with a packet of polos

  12. Hey, it seems as if you (as a Smartphone-Guru) can help me. 🙂
    I'm really into Sony Smartphones (although I still use a Galaxy S2 :-)).
    I especially like the Compact Series, but I've read, that the Z3C has problems with broken displays and the glass on the back. Have you heard of this too? If there is a problem like this, I think I'm going to buy the Z1C. :-)

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