Sony Xperia Z1 Compact Gaming Review with HD Games

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Gaming review for the Sony Xperia Z1 Compact which is one of the most powerful compact android phone and I play some heavy HD games in this review to give you an idea how the Xperia Z1 compact is for gaming.

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35 Comments on Sony Xperia Z1 Compact Gaming Review with HD Games

  1. hello ranjit.. 🙂
    thanks for alll ur reviews till now n i appreciate ur work..
    now everytym someone buys a phone i recommend them to check ur review and then go for buying that phone..

    i want to kno that whats the difference between a high end phone like galaxy grand of something of that sort and a cheap phone (karbonn,micromax,lava) with nearely same specifications….. cheap phones give a nice big display and specifications n dat too hat a price nearly to half that of reputed brands…
    i do not recommend people to buy those cheap phones but again i dont know the reason why?… its like bas mann nhi maanta..
    please tel me the difference 🙂 thanku

  2. sir iam a great fan of your channel I daily watch your videos.. sir I want to buy mid range phone and high end phones  in mid range which one is better sir , I want good screen , good camera . the phones are htc desire 501, sony xperia l, Samsung s dous 2, grand… in high end phone xperia z, Samsung s4 Samsung s3…. plz suggest me sir.. if u help me I vil be great help for me sir…

  3. Nicer to play on a bigger screen but if a bigger screen heats up more, then it means that current cpu tech is unable to push a 1080p screen adequately. Nothing to do with plastic or glass back, both are insulators. 15 minutes of gaming and its only moderately warm. We are told if you do high intensity work then since your fingers are so close to the cpu of course it gets hot. Heh no, this is how a phone should behave under load.

    Do i care for 2160p screens on a mobile ? Only when they produce cpu's powerful enough to push enough pixels without overheating. Until such time 720p screens with current cpu tech are better. That is one does not want a tegra.

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