Sony Xperia Z1 Camera: Feature Focus

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Josh has returned to the Sony booth at IFA in Berlin to bring you a closer look at the 20.7 megapixel camera found in the Sony Xperia Z1.

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26 Comments on Sony Xperia Z1 Camera: Feature Focus

  1. Your settings were Picture Size – 2MP 1980×1080 not 20mp which would be something over 3k pixels . The photos made were in lower quality as opposed to real 20mp photo. Correct me if i am wrong. at 1:53

  2. The photos are average…the apps do help though….there are a lot of grains in darkness….. Overall it's a pretty hyped camera lyk the htc one m8 and fails to deliver what it promises…But still no complaints as it is still better then iPhone and those shitty galaxies

  3. I'm really in doubt which phone I want
    I tend towards this one.
    my main thing is photo's because I attend a lot of concerts and want to make pictures in low light (some say this is were this one kinds lacks quality, but I've seen great pictures better than other brands in low light)
    what I really dig is the bad viewing angle, I don't want everyone to watch what I do XD

  4. is there no inbuilt feature to block calls from particular contact? as they do have in other smart phones… m surprised about it not having one… i cant find it on my ph… so is there any feature through which i can block calls (without using third party apps) ????????

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