Sony Xperia Z1 Battery replace – disassembly

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9 Comments on Sony Xperia Z1 Battery replace – disassembly

  1. hey Adrian thanks for the help… i want to know that by changing battery, does it help in avoiding sudden death?? coz at present my phone's battery is like that only from 90 to 0 and then after restarting it shows 45 or something then again gets dead

  2. Thanks for posting.
    Where can I buy a toolkit like yours?

    Where did you buy your battery? The only battery I could find on eBay was in Europe (I'm in au) and fake batteries out of china are a problem.

  3. Everything clicks into place when not using those adhesive stickers I've seen when changing out the battery? Just wanting to know if it stays in place and won't fall off when putting the back plate back on

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