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MUST WATCH (important info about the XPeria Z SCREEN):
If you want to learn how you can take pictures under water with the Xperia Z, watch my tutorial:

I also put the iPHONE 5 under Water:

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40 Comments on SONY XPERIA Z vs WATER

  1. why only one meter ? lol what is the difference :S anyway i wanna tell u guys that who dip the Sony xpira into the water it is very SAFE but try to put the music after the dip and u will see the sound is barely coming out XD but dont be afraid XD bcz the speaker became wet already wait untill an hour or half then try it again 🙂 eveything is fine . when this problem happend to me i was very upset , altho dont try to dry it by hair dryer or so it'll dry by itself .

  2. My Xperia Z got dropped in a river for just a few seconds and appears to be dead. All of the flaps were closed also, but water appears to have gotten into the USB/charging port and damaged the phone.

  3. So I heard that the Xperia Z is water resistant and the Xperia ZL (or whatever one that came out after this one) is water-proof. What's the difference? They both seem pretty water-proof.

  4. thanks for info mate but ive already purchased it just waiting for delivery..anyway ill give it a try hopefully i wont have the need to test its waterproof capabilities out lol

  5. water resistance is why im buying this phone, as a swimming pool technician I have lost numerous phones to water logging and Im sure I will drop this into a pool too but will work afterwards which is great , so its a handy for ppl who work and play around water

  6. The only thing I would use it for is to watch youtube in the shower. And that probably going to be distracting and prolong my shower. I leave my pandora on the counter for the music. In case of a hurricane or beach but season and a little care for an expensive gadget is in order. In case of end of the world scenario there wouldn't be signal. Tsunamis depth is probably more than 3 ft and Id be worrying about dying, not making a phone call.

  7. yea i agree that s4 build quality is not good as xperia z but it does'nt mean that its not good looking and specs wise s4 completely owns xperia z and htc one

  8. S4 feels VERY cheap compared to Xperia Z in person. Its not as good looking. Xperia Z is together with Iphone 5 and HTC One the best built phone out there, S4 is just cheap feeling in comparison.

  9. im agree with u that back of the s4 is not as good as xperia z but from front side i love s4 and everyone,s choice is different so u like xperia z and i like s4

  10. I wouldn't go as far as to say it's more good looking, because of the plastic case we all know and hate. But the tech does beat the xperia z and of course, preference is always welcome.

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