Sony Xperia Z vs Sony Xperia ZL

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Josh looks at two phones that just might have too much in common. Also, it’s the debut of Dr. Oid!

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24 Comments on Sony Xperia Z vs Sony Xperia ZL

  1. i did have xperia z and xperia zl and i love xperia zl the body have much good grip then z and the display looks better then z the sound clarety and loundness of zl is superb take xperia zl 

  2. After watched video, I think zl better than z, all specification are same between both mobile, only z is water-proof. so looking very nice, any time slip from pocket of shirt or pent, zl front camera is bottom side, is plus point.

  3. that's very good comparison but what u really forget to highlight how strong the glassy casing of Z has. because that will make my decision, i really love Z better than ZL but am afraid for it to get to break easily when fall down due to the glassy case..Can U please consider that and advice me on that.

  4. what shines for the ZL in my country is it's price: 142 USD on 42 USD contract while the (already sold out) Z goes over 300. There is no reason for paying twice a price for same perfomance.    

  5. i like your voice its really nice to hear,easy to understand,i think you are a host or master of ceremony or something or maybe radio broadcaster,really nice to watch all your review..

    and about this video i prefer ZL coz more functional in daily drive,its plastic but its very handy and very easy to use with one hand.i don't understand with sony why they made 2 same phone and the one with water resistant is more more expensive.the gap is too farr.

  6. Android Authority….. i really like all of your reviews….really more enjoyable to watch i must say so great job guys, you beat back most if not all of the poeple on the tube giving reviews…IMHO with that said i would really like to see a video review with all 3 of my current eyecandys Sony Z, ZL & ZR >>together<< and the end professional conclusion, i know you have them individually but it would be nice to see all 3 of them in a showdown *cheers

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