Sony Xperia Z Unboxing

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Sony Xperia Z Unboxing

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Try as it might, Sony’s name is largely out of the mobile conversation. Blame Samsung, or HTC, or the iPhone. But there’s no denying the Japanese company has quickly fallen behind as others confidently stride forward. The Xperia Z might be a return to form—we certainly loved what we saw at CES earlier this year. Jumping into the superphone trend, Sony’s Xperia Z is a powerhouse 5-inch Full HD handset engineered into a fantastically designed body. It might not translate 100 percent in video or pictures, but the white model looks supreme. And we expected nothing less, especially when the competition—the HTC One being a prime example—is so strong.

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40 Comments on Sony Xperia Z Unboxing

  1. Just a silly question, what if i left the charger plug-in open (lets say i forgot to close it) then i put it underwater, will it totally be destroyed internally?

    or what if the flaps were damaged and the water will pass through, will it be fucked up?
    if so, what to do?

  2. Worst smart phone ever donot buy it sony xperia (shit) is a trick of sony company its not water resistant nor proof it leaks water even in low pressure its motherboard is shit it gets hot beside the camera, its electronic circuit is recurrently damaged with several users it has a lot of manifacture errors and faults i know about 4 people bought it and it was damaged, this phone belongs to the garbage i swear

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