Sony Xperia Z: Unboxing & Tour

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Unboxing and a quick tour of the new Sony Xperia Z Android smartphone sporting a 5″ 1080p display (441 PPI), 1.5GHZ Quad Core CPU, 2GBs of RAM, and a 13MP camera with HDR video.

Stay tuned for the full review!

Detailed Specs:





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30 Comments on Sony Xperia Z: Unboxing & Tour

  1. hey!!!mike..i have a request.. can you give me a phone??i'm sorry but i really need a phone for my studies. i can't afford it please mike!! my family cant afford it … you have a tons of phone can you give me one….and also i think i cant win the giveaway contest, i try many times and so may people enter it i think i dont have a chance at all..mike please i'm only using Samsung Galaxy Y.. it cant do anything…the phone so slow…you are my only hope to get a smartphone…. i dont care, any phone is OK as long as i get a phone to replace the galaxy Y..please Mike and Thank YOu….

  2. This phone is still a beast. Got mine in the half of 2013 and since handed it down to my nephew in immaculate condition. I have the Z3 now but this phone will always be one of the best smartphones. Has less problems than the 1 and 2 aswell. The original Z. Memories :-)

  3. Nice video, very detailed, and i think i like that phone already, it seems better than the previous versions of Xperia, just one question, is the battery removable? Because i don't want to give money for a phone that may have a battery problem and i couldn't be able to fix it with another battery.

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