Sony Xperia Z Ultra vs Samsung Galaxy Mega 6 3

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Battle of the titans gets an entirely new meaning when you pit the Sony Xperia Z Ultra against the Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3. There have never been phones before with screens that large, so we had to stake a cage match. In one corner is Sony’s latest and greatest 6.4 inch phone, stuffed to the gills with a high-res display, watertight chassis, and record fast processor. In the other is the Mega 6.3, which should be a more “budget” version of a big-screen phone, if we look at the midrange specs, yet its price doesn’t really convey that. Which one will prevail? Read on to find out…

35 Comments on Sony Xperia Z Ultra vs Samsung Galaxy Mega 6 3

  1. I like the screen size of the Z, but I don't like the on screen buttons, the sealed in battery or the overall size of it. I like the speed of the Z, just wish it had better screen to body ratio. Also the multiwindow feature is 10x better on the Mega 6.3. The Z is snappier, though.

  2. what is it with these fucking pathetic adverts on every phone arena video? why should I be forced to watch some crap I don't want to and waste 15 seconds of my 4G data on some shite I don't want or need??!


  4. I have both phones people! Both! And I usd them both! So I know what im talking about. If u are deciding on which to get their to damn close cause it all falls down to opinion. Mega has better camera led flash, xperia dosent have any of that. Call quality is better on the xperia ultra. Mega dosent. The speaker on the mega is wayyyyyy better noce bass and loud. On the xperia it sounds like a radio or something soothing as if u were getting a massage. Xperia ultra is a full hd phone meaning even if a video ur watching isnt hd it will still look like its fucking hd. Mega cant do that at all but it can watch in 720p hd.. which again is not bad for a big phone. We already know that xperia kills the mega in specs so I wont get into that. The brightness (the million dollar question) which is better? The fucking meg buttttttttt here comes the got damn catch again the mega so bright it makes the screen look like a video game/cartoon/flashlight with no crisp or sharpness to it and can hurt ur eyes if ur about to go to bed or just waking up….now with the ultra I can say its bright enough but the did it purposely so the eyes can be more relaxed and sooth as I stated with the volume. And everything on the ultra looks vivid hd and perfect and the kind of brightness that can put u to sleep like the brightness that isnt to bright but bright, enough to put u to sleep. Its confusing I know. But asbu see here its wayyyyyyyy to opinionated cause they have stuff that the otherone dosent so its like wtf it can never be a over rule unless ubonly like mainly that 1 thing about the phone, now just from all of that I didnt even get Into hd movies sound quality browsing the web comfortabliltly which looks more cooler. Water proof and exct and u know what all those will still be opionated due to what the other has or can do better then vrs the other….so there case close mega and ultra fans!!!

  5. The Ultra is bigger than the Mega but the mega slightly have a bigger screen. The Ultra is nice but waste of space and I hate that you don't have access to the battery. But both phones would still be worth the investment.

  6. Xperia Z Ultra for sure. Yes the design could be a little bit smaller and still be 6.4 but if you are a user that wants a phone mainly for games, watching videos and surfing on the Net and the last specifications are calling and taking pictures, then Xperia is your phone! Comparing such a huge device with other phones depends on why do you want the phone for. 🙂 (writing this from my XZU)

  7. The fact that the Z ultra doesn't have any flash LED , means u'll never go out with this phone trying to get some photos with ur friends at night :s
    I have the mega and was looking forward to upgrade to z Ultra cuz of it's insane GPU speed but that flash thing is terrible.. 

  8. Hey Guys, I am deciding to buy one of these two phones, please tell me which you guys think is better. I cannot decide. They both are absolutely great phones so please try and give me some advice….

  9. the s5 is gonna be waterproof so hopefully the next note will be it's also gonna have a finger print scanner but unlike other phones u will be able to pay for stuff online using ur fingerprint =)

  10. The mega is nice but way to big for me lol I have a note 3 and it kicks ass I love it im still finding new features And i've had it since November lol so so happy I went in the phone shop to upgread (as the notes beautiful screen caught my eye right away) as would of got the iPhone 5s and thought it's was fantastic when really iphones are not in the same league As the note 3 and other top end phone's everyone ows it to them selfs to at least try one top end android i promise u will never look at a iphone the same again!!!!!

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