Sony Xperia Z Ultra Tips, Tricks, Tutorials – Part 1

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All You need to know about Sony Xperia Z Ultra – Part 1. Tips, Tricks and walk-through for knowledge and learning. Customize the Sony Xperia Z Ultra as per your needs. This is the first part of this All you need to know about Sony Xperia Z Ultra Tips & Trick series and more videos with more in depth tips are coming soon so stay tuned 🙂

4 Tips are available in this video:
1- How to make (add) your own small apps for Multitasking and add on multitasking bar
2- Customize the quick setting toggles in the notification drawer
3- Using Neoreader to read bar code, QR code etc. using device camera or an image
4- How to take screen shot

I have tested Sony Xperia Z Ultra Gaming with HD games like Asphalt 8, Real racing 3, Gangster Vegas, Riptide GT 2 and Modern combat 4 and many others so check out those videos as well.

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36 Comments on Sony Xperia Z Ultra Tips, Tricks, Tutorials – Part 1

  1. Remove the flaps from right side of the device. There are two flaps there one for SD Card and other is for Sim. Open the sim flap and remove the tray out. Put your sim card in that tray and put the tray back.

  2. ohh come on, what's sony thinks about? all still the same… Sony needs better multitasking phone and options… like Samsung dual panel screens and suck stuff… multitasking is the best feature … but not small apps…

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