Sony Xperia Z Ultra Teardown

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It’s an unforgettable experience to complete Sony Xperia Z Ultra disassembly. We met unexpected difficulties and interrupts but solved them finally. Watch the video to learn how to replace broken Xperia Z Ultra. Get original Xperia Z Ultra replacement parts at

Must-have items
1. Phillips screwdriver –
2. Suction cup –
3. Back cover sticker –
4. Front housing sticker –

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28 Comments on Sony Xperia Z Ultra Teardown

  1. +Wit Rings pls reply.. Is it possible to resolder the main flex cable to the mainboard? I broke it off while disassembling the mainboard from the phone. Is it glued or soldered? So are there any ways to repair it?

  2. Thanks for your videoguide that is very clear. I followed your instructions and fitted the new LCD touchscreen + but, unfortunately, the screen doesn't not turn on.
    I have charged the battery and the red LED is correctly turned to green at the end of the charge. If I connect it to the PC I can see it as an external device but doesn't not turn on. I tried to disassemble and reassemble it more than once, but nothing changes. Do you have any suggestions for me? Maybe it's the flat of the power button that it is not well connectedl? Can you tell me if there is any way to understand that is not the new LCD screen again to be defective? Thank you

  3. My back cover has slightly raised on the bottom left corner.I though it was due to high temperature but the xperia care pro told me that the frame is broken due to a fall that i am aware.The frame has a tiny scratch on the outside but i guess the damage is internal.Is it possible? back cover to rise from frame damage? the pro said that he will change the frame. Does that mean that he will tear everything apart including the screen? will my phone be waterproof again? thanks in advance

  4. Hi
    I have a sony Xperia Z Ultra and 2 days ago it has water damaged, I took it to sony service centre and they are not repairing it,instead asking me to swap the phone for Rs17000, only display is not working rest functions like incoming calls and notifications charging, connecting to PC Companion all are working…Plz can you tell me where else can i get it repaired.and what can I do to revive my cell phone

  5. hai,
    what is deffernce between touch screen replacement,and lcd phone screen was broked but display was clear and touch was not response,my ques was i want change my touch screen or lcd disply plz tell me

  6. If I just change the battery and reinstall the back cover.. Will I lost the waterproofing? Another question is is the back cover glued? I just need to change the battery.. Cheers ☺

  7. my z ultra suddenly got ghosting images when its cold or sometimes at normal temp too
    what maybe cause that and is there any easy repair? note: it is back normal when it gets a little hot or normal temp

  8. I broke mine trying to remove the anti shutter film and  and just bought a new one. You might be good at this but it seems really difficult to replace, plus the display it's really expensive

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