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What we’re about to describe is the same kind of phenomenon we experienced with 5-inch phones in 2010. If you recall, that year marked the debut of the Dell Streak 5, aan absolutely massive smartphone / tablet hybrid for that time. Fast-forward to 2013, when 5-inch screens are the norm and 6.44-inch displays are now considered too unwieldy. Such is the case with the Sony Xperia Z Ultra, which borrows many traits from the smaller Xperia Z while taking on a flatter shape. Basically, Sony turned the old Z into a plate phone. As it happens, we got a chance to play with one thanks to our friends at Negri Electronics, an online retailer in the US that sells the Z Ultra’s baseline model for about $675. So is the phone comfortable to hold? Does it make more sense as a tablet? And does the Ultra have any redeeming traits outside of its size?

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  1. I picked this up recently for £235 from Expansys. As a small, powerful tablet, which is also able to make calls it's brilliant. If it had dual speakers, a flash and a top spec camera this this would be almost unbeatable. Even as it is, I prefer it over any 7"-9" tablet I've had or used including the Nexus 7, Note 8.x range, LG gpad 8.3 and iPad mini. 

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  3. You guys has the worst review about this phone. Ive seen few but they never focuse on the physical attributes but rather the over all performance of the. This ones great amongst any other Phablet phone out there.

  4. I know how to use both hands at the same time i can't be the only one though. Most of my time spent on the phone is not holding it to my ear plus it comes with a handset. This smart pad makes nothing but sense to me.

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