Sony Xperia Z Ultra Review

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This phone is a monster. Seriously.
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20 Comments on Sony Xperia Z Ultra Review

  1. I shall not be looking at any future reviews from this person. The amount of time he spent on
    the size of the Ultra, which is why most people , my self included,are interested in it.
    WE KNOW HOW LARGE IT IS. That is why I want it.

  2. I complete agree on the Calendar section. Google Keep, should have sketch available. Have you tested script writing for Chinese characters (Google Translate/Google PinYin Keyboard). Contacts page; for the extra space, do they offer linking (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc…) show last message, like they did on the previous Xperias?

  3. When you young guys knock large screens, you don't take into account older users or users with very large hands. I've always used large screen phones, starting with the HTC 7501. Looking forward to the Ultra. And, yes, I believe 6.4" is the largest size for a phablet. 7" is just too large.

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