Sony Xperia Z Ultra Review

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The Xperia Z Ultra is Sony’s first foray in the so-called “phablet” realm, and it comes with a bang. It’s the phone with the largest screen ever concocted, while still being called a handset… of sorts. At a 6.4″ diagonal, some might argue that the Full HD panel is more akin for a small tablet. It was also the first handset announced with the powerful quad-core Snapdragon 800 chipset, and the first you can draw on with a regular pen or pencil, so Sony has stuffed a lot of superlatives in the Z Ultra from the get-go…

20 Comments on Sony Xperia Z Ultra Review

  1. hello guy , dont buy this phone because no service , no warranty from sony, i am now facing my problem. sony told me, handset no stock or wait upto die … 's bad service………

  2. Omg I want this phone!!! I have 2 ZTE ZMAX (the closest phone in size I've IVE SEEN, and no body will talk about) N I LOCE THIS PHONE, WERE IS THE BEST PLACE TO GET 1???

  3. I received my sony xperia z ultra just last week Monday,three days ago my children used it to take pictures and i don't know exactly what they touched,,since then whenever i try to take a picture what pops up is (unfortunately camera has stopped) i have tried all i can but to avail,what do i do next

  4. If U are reading this WARNING for U, never buy this,
    I live the size of the phone BUT Software and Hardware Utterly useless 
    Software crash, Bluetooth doesn't connect, Back camera stopped working, Front camera stopped week after, 
    Finally screen broke when it was at my BACK POCKET, and touch screen doesn't works.
    Piece of Brick, Not impressed

  5. I'm not sure if i want this or the htc one m7..
    I'm afraid this will be too big, the htc one gets android l, and it has better speakers.
    This will be great for google plus and youtube, which i watch often on my phone, but i dont know if i will get used to the size.

    Btw, i never have my phone in my pocket, i almost always have it out.

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