Sony Xperia Z Ultra Review

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The Sony Xperia Z Ultra review.

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  1. thinking of getting this, with a bluetooth keyboard, hdmi feed to tv and just using it as my home internet – with unlimited 4G data from Three at 15 quid a month, I am wondering why the hell I pay for home BB anymore

  2. Okay I know that the Sony Xperia Z ultra is a phone / tablet but I hate when people compare this amazing phone to a Nexus 7 … How about comparing the Z ultra to other phablets and not straight up tablets. ?

  3. great phone BUT:

    try this

    i am in uk where #31# hides your number,

    if you want to show your number to everyone but say one or two people the easiest way is to save the numbers of the one or two people with a #31# prefix and this will hide your number from them, in the uk it does anyway,

    save a number to your contacts with the prefix #31# and when you dial it, it will withold your number and every time you go into your contact and cliick it to dial it will withold you number,


    if you click the phone icon it shows your last dialed numbers, so you click on the number that is witheld in your phonebook by having the #31# prefix, but in your last dialed list the phone will not save the number as you dialed it the last time and removes the #31# prefix before dialing and thus shows your number you wanted to hide from that contact,

    no other make of phone removes the #31# and every other make of phone will dial the number as it is saved in your phonebook no matter whether it is dialed from the last dialed list or your phonebook, 

    the only way to withold every time is to go into the phone book and scroll down to the contact and dial from there,

    sony need to sort this out as i should be in charge of how i dial my numbers not my phone !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. The best part about this review is you talking about actually USING the device. Most reviews just spout out tech sheet specs. I can read the spec sheets for myself. Tell me if it actually works for you. 

  5. Did I hear 2 hour battery life? I got a note 3 witch am not sorry the day I bought it. Wanted a BIGGER screen phone S4 zoom not my style as battery life not as good as the note 3. Think am gonna switch to Nokia 1020… smaller screen. But camera mine blowing

  6. A two hour battery , LOL and you cant remove the battery !!!! A lousey speaker , and a cheap screen …. hell my S4 screen blows this turd away !!! No one cares how thin it is …It looks like a long maxi pad. Sony now in the cell phone bizz F*A*I*L

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