Sony Xperia Z Ultra | One Month User Review

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Check out this video to find out the Pros and Cons of owning Xperia Z Ultra. In this video i discuss about the various issues that are common with Z Ultra like the screen issue under wet conditions and about the battery life of the device. Also I will discuss my thoughts on Galaxy Note 3 in comparison with Z Ultra and why Sony Xperia Z Ultra is the best Premium Phablet out there considering its pricing.

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  1. Still the best phablet on the market, puts the Note series in the shade. I shall be using this for at least another year and maybe even longer, it fulfils every need of mine.

  2. The front screen has a sony suplex screen protector on it,it can be removed to put a tempered glass protector on it,I did and it's like it was meant to be,and the back panels are on ebay for $12

  3. I heard that the screen of xperia z ultra can easily crashed without any hitting or droping from hand and not repairable in india due to waterproof phone..! Is it true..?

  4. you are so right my friend… i just got mine yesterday.. i was really looking forward for the note 3, but damn, too expensive. felt too waste of money… and when i try to touch and feel the z ultra, wow.. awesome… thanks for your video..

  5. You should mention Sony's amazing user interface. Samsung has the worst UI filled with bloatware. I have been using Xperia Z Ultra for over a week and I just love it. If you plan to use your phone as your main photography gadget, this phone is not a good choice. Camera clarity is very bad compared to other phones from Sony. If you need a power packed tablet sized device with premium look, go for Xperia Z Ultra. You will love it for sure. 

  6. For me the lack of flash is not an issue. I don't mean the camera to perform greatly in low light conditions. but i could live without it. But its sure that you will come across situations where the flash might be necessary. 

  7. excuse me,would u mind to tell me that ZU has the back protector already when we buy it from shop?Because after 2 weeks used it,i have some scratch backside,but i see something look like a protector.

  8. "my 'kerala'ness is not an excuse to complain about a product" 😛 
    Just kidding.. 😀
    Uwais, I'm currently using Sony Xperia S, and I would like to change my phone. I'm thinking of getting an Xperia Z1 or Z U. My normal uses include watching movies, music (in headphones),browsing and camera. not a hardcore gamer though. In this case, can u suggest me an option? I'm not sure how handy it will be if I go for XZU. Is it fit in a jean pocket? I want li'l bit handy model with relatively larger display. Is there anything that we get inside the box? I thought Smart Bluetooth® Handset SBH52 is an accessory coupled with the phone itself. :-/ Suggest a good product for me. (any manufacturer) I'm a SONY fan though. 😉 and pls reply to me queries.

  9. I used monitor cleaning liquid to remove all dirt on the screen. And while recording i had to do this often. The shatter proof film attracts finger prints easily. Now am using a matte screen protector applied over hatter proof film. I didnt remove it and void warranty. Now its better. But the screen quality will be less. I prefer matte screen over normal ones. So i dont mind less detail due to it

  10. Removing the protective sheet voids the warranty I heard… also, u definitely want to get the 4g lte version (model c6833) of the phone if you watch YouTube on the go because the c6802 won't let you watch vids in hd unless ur using wifi… anf who would want to watch subpar vids on this beautiful display?

  11. Hi! FYI
    Both back and front panel has a shatter proof sheet on it. If you see scratch on it. Its not the actual glass its the shatter proof sheet and you can remove it if you want.

  12. I saw it in blogs that's all. But I do think this case will be a worthy accessory for the phone, mainly for its extra 3000 mah battery. Also it has a stylus which was one complaint about Z Ultra. You could use any pen or pencil. But stylus feels more safe against scratches from pen input. Sony didn't mention its pricing. Hope the price wont be high .

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