Sony Xperia Z Ultra Google Play Edition Review

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The other device to recently get the Google Play Edition treatment is about as big as a smartphone can get. Josh reviews the Sony Xperia Z Ultra Google Play Edition.

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32 Comments on Sony Xperia Z Ultra Google Play Edition Review

  1. Yeah im buying this phone in a couple of days I just dont know which to get . k I do belive that the google edition does kill some of the flashy elagant looks the oringinal version had and just made it more normal and modern. As in the side of the phone they just made is pure black metal where as the oringinal its silver metal and the phone has two color tones, whereas the google play is literally all black…. and another downfall is that the all black version is a fingerprint magnet whereas the oringinal is all white and is not a fingerprint magnet… my main 2 questions are does the oringinal come with google playstore to? And whags the main cool difference in the google play edition that the oringal can not do? So I can make my decision.

  2. The sony xperia Z ultra actually only costs $300 on the original sony website and it comes unlocked, though it isn't the GPE. With that in mind, i plan on buying the original unlocked xperia Z ultra and this is a bit random but what song is used in the background?

  3. its not tempered glass that was a lie do not believe me do the research sony has hade several class action lawsuits agenst them for the fact the 99% of them that wear droped from a 2 foot and above drop cracked the back and front glass soney admitted that the manufactor of the glass may have used not tempered

  4. Oh great! I just ordered the Sony Z Ultra GPE  for  $334.99 and now based on your review I wonder if I should have ordered the non-GPE edition! Oh well, I can only hope that the advantage is that it will get Android L quicker than the non-GPE version.

  5. This phone just went on sale on expansys for $349, and that is for the Google Play Edition. Since Google just took this out of stock, this might be the last time to buy this model. 

  6. Saw this in person at the Sony store. It's too big. I'm a 6' 1" guy with big hands. I also saw the Nokia Lumia 6" phone which was just right on the goldilocks scale. Sadly, that runs WP which is useless. We need more phablet size options.

  7. I've loved my Sony Xperia Z since I got it. I've taken it in water every day since getting it. Today, my brother opened one of the flaps while underwater. 🙁 So I think I'll pick this up in the morning if rice doesn't save it. 

  8. Still not worth the jump just for pure kit kat, Sony's software suite via Camera, Album, & Walkman easily makes for a more robust and superior user experience…..

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