Sony Xperia Z Ultra dead, won’t power on, no boot solution fix

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Solution to Sony Xperia Z Ultra Dead, won’t turn on. No power Quick fix.

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  1. Usta çok teşekkür ederim Xperia Z var bende açtım telefonu ama şu an açıkken power off çalışmıyor, senin yaptığını yaptım telefon power off a basmadan kendi açıldı sorun ne olabilir

  2. I followed the steps, the red light on my lz is now staying on however the main sony screen keeps turning on then off.. I will let it charge for a bit to see what happens, maybe the battery is just low (fingers crossed)

  3. I wanted to replace the battery with a new one, after mounting the phone does not run, only flashing red light three times. I put back the old battery and also does not start 🙁 flashes three times red light. I tried your way, but none of that. You wrote to someone that if this LED light weaker than the standard, it means that the battery is very weak. It landed a couple of hours, but still nothing. do you have any idea how to fix it? Help :(

  4. Hocam merhabalar benim z3 cihazımdada böyle bir sorun var. ekran kırıldı servise fiyat teklifi için gitti. kabul etmedim geri geldiğinde cihaz çalışmıyordu. Şarja takıyorum kırmızı ışık yanıyor 5-10 dk sonra sönüyor. bataryasız taktım yine sadece kırmızı yanıyor cihazda bir tepki yok.

  5. how can i fix my ultra z it keeps on saying anroid tm is starting……
    optimising application over and over does not stop re loading pls help i keep on repeating myself with charging and loading it no helps just loads only

  6. I am in the process of replacing the back glass of my Z3 as it cracked after dropping it from less than a meter from the ground. The phone turned it self off after dropping it and now won't turn on.
    So I have pulled the backing off and unplugged the battery plugged in the power and then re-attached the battery, a solid red light comes on but wont boot.

    Any ideas on a fix?

  7. Followed all the steps shown in the video but the red light does not come on after plugging in the charger, holding the red reset button near the sim tray also doesn't work. What else can I do?

  8. Hello Murat, My Z Ultra turns off quickly just while it's loading after turning it on. The problem is that it started to behave like that when I cleaned it with tap water yesterday (all flaps were sealed). However, when I checked the water damage indicator, it showed white, means no damage whatsoever. What's exactly there do you think ?
    I reckon it's a light water infiltration that is doing this and maybe it would get fixed by resting it for few days ?

  9. with my Z Ultra, the red light stays on, but the screen flickered and went out. could this be a back light issue? when on, the phone still functions to a degree, the alarm goes off, but I can't turn it off, the pwr button won't allow me to turn it off. maybe disconnecting battery will help. please advise

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