Sony Xperia Z Ultra Camera Review

Video is ready, Click Here to View × reviews the camera performance of the Sony Xperia Z Ultra. It has a 8-megapixel rear camera with Sony Exmor RS sensor, 1080p video recording and a 2-megapixel front-facing camera.

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19 Comments on Sony Xperia Z Ultra Camera Review

  1. I have this phone as well only flaws camera isnt that good but isnt horrible, no flash volume not good unless ur in a really quiet room, so a blotooth or sony headphones is strongly reccommend, sound quality when talking on the phone is to low if ur in a room with people talkibg y wont be able to hear the person on the phone ull have to walk out, so a blotooth is a must with this, the screen is extremely sensitive so smude marks or even if ur fingers are a little sweaty ur phone will go crazy clicking everything so a cleaning cloth is a must with this phone as well, music agai. Headphones is a must, as far as what all the phone can do its alot and pretty confusing so itll take u a long time to member and how to use all of this phone's features. A wallet for this phone is a must as well cause this phone almost cant fit into any pocket and if it cant its gonna stick out and feel highly uncomfortable plus u add the risk of breaking it so again wallet is a must. Since this phpne is so big a stand is a must to if u want to watch any type of vid t.v show or move that is long. Your hands will also tend to get cramped up after 4mins while talking on the phone. The screen people said the phone is t that broght thankgod there wrong about that its actually above average on brightness so dont sorry about that. So that 1 flaw we can take away. The multitasking on this phone isnt that good it could be better like the galaxy's multitasking.. last but not least this right herr is just an opinion but it must bd said for the colors on this phone it cones with all purple, white, and black. But the white is the only one that has 2 colors which is white and silver. But white and the purple ones look like tablets instead lf phones so that defeats those 2 phones leaving you with only black. On the black it only has 1 damn color on the entire phone which is black. They should of made silver bezels with the black version plus the black collects fingerprints incredibly easy…sorry guys that completes my review of the flaws only


  2. its a good phone and it catches eye.. and when we talk about camera, not a good one, if you compromise with camera, then you got a beast in your hands in terms of size and performance 

  3. If it does as good or better than a poopy iPhone camera, I'll be more than happy with that, with the right skill, you can always take good pictures, I even had some printed that I took with my ipod5 and they came out great and it's just a 5mp. But there is a flash module you can get and plug into the headphone jack, google an "iblazr" you may want this as much as I am itching to get it :D

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