Sony Xperia Z ultra after 14 days & issues

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In this video I talk about the Z Ultra after 14 days what I love about it and what I don’t. Also what issues I’ve had with the device. What do you think? Should I keep it or return it?

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23 Comments on Sony Xperia Z ultra after 14 days & issues

  1. i have this phablet for 3 weeks now, and no issues at all. It's true that i run the Android 5.1 Lollipop on it, and it's absolutly flawless. The battery runs out preatty quick, but…hey…it's a 6.44 inch display…what would you expact? I get like 16-17 hours with a full charge, and i plug it in at about 15-20%. The signal never was an issue in my case, nor the free space. I can transfer data from phone to SD (Kingstone 32Gb Class 10). It's an awesome device, and once used to dimensions, it's hard to go back. The proccesor it's insane fast, but i would love to have 3 Gb of RAM.

  2. I've had my Z Ultra for a few weeks now without any problems. The folder issue is nonexistent too.. MY QUESTION though is your ZU really flexible? Mine is a bit flexible and I'm concerned about this causing my screen to crack.

  3. Hey nice review. I see the icon disappearing issue might be related to launcher or something. Not much annoying. But did the latest updates solve the file transferring issue to SD card? I see the device can hold a real beat to some limit but there has been some speculations regarding the display just getting cracked far are these true or just some made up news by rival companies? I really like the large display with great specs ..let me know man.

  4. I had some unexplainable problems and they had gotten worst after the update to 4.4.4, and I was advised to run the repair programme through Sony Companion. The problems are gone since then and I have not encountered a single problem since then.

  5. My Z Ultra just broke after 2 months. The touchscreen cracked from the inside. I woke up, turned off the alarm on my phone, no cracks or anything. Go shower etc. im ready to go and then when i go to my room again to take the charger out, the screen is cracked. Sony support wont help me so im kind of forced to use a big bag of money to get it repaired :/

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