Sony Xperia Z Separate Touch Screen (Digitizer Glass) Scotle PR-1000

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30 Comments on Sony Xperia Z Separate Touch Screen (Digitizer Glass) Scotle PR-1000

  1. Hey i have a Sony Xperia Z Ultra , Can i do the same work ?Cause my touchscreen doesnt react anymore but the LCD is still working and i hope the touch will work again after changing the Digitizer Glas

  2. mam ta xperie z i nie mam wklejonego dotyku do wyswietlacza bo sony te maja dotyk w szybce a nie tak jak s4 itd w wyswietlaczu… czy oplaca sie wklejac ta szybke w wyswietlacz?? co to da? bo dotyk po rozbiciu szybki i tak nie dziala prawidlowo wiec co to da?

  3. Hi can you help me please I have a sony xperia z c6603 . My screen is not broken at all. What happens is when I try to swipe my finger down from the top nothing happens. The rest of the touch is fine. Would a new glass fix this issue may I ask

  4. yes i think the chap was under the impresion he could do this at home which he can but if he hasent the correct tools to do it it will look awfull its not a DIY fix its best left to the people in the busness (unless you want to get a OCA set up for over a grand of cause ) in which case thease chaps are the best people to get it fron but get the dust free kit as well you wont regret it

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