Sony Xperia Z Screen Replacement – Disassembly

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This video shows the disassembly and replacement of the display assembly for the Sony Xperia Z

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25 Comments on Sony Xperia Z Screen Replacement – Disassembly

  1. I just replaced a couple of parts inside my Xperia z and also replaced the rear glass! I noticed a bit of circuitry under a label on the back of the glass, what exactly is this as the replacement glass I ordered doesn't have it?

  2. This is the video about HOW NOT TO Diassembly Screen. Man you MUST TO GET Motherboard out first. Didn't you see three screws on Motherboard. Pry them, After LCD comes free. 😉 Not this way…

  3. Hi @how2tech there is a problem with my sony z when i charge it lamp on front lights up red, but it never charge and i cant turn it on even with charger on. could it just be battery cable is lose?

  4. Hi! I broke my phone display and screen and i order new screen with diplay from ebay and change it when i receive it. But screen have pallid colours and i think its fake. When i can order original display?

  5. Hi guys.i have question.
    I do Sony Xperia screen replacements.
    Mostly times it works all fine.
    But my problem is the screen is not sticks tight with the frame sometimes.
    The doubleside adhesive sticker is not strong enough no matter where I buy the sticker it's sometimes loosing it.
    I tried liguid glass glue a few time but it's to risky the glue get underneath of the lcd into the backlight and leaves spots.
    I remove the old sticker from the frame very good and clean it with alcohol. But still the glass /screen comes up in some areas.
    Please help

  6. hello
    i replaced my screen after it's cracked
    but when I turned the phone on it keeps restarting even if I changed my screen again
    do anyone know what happened to it??
    do i destroy the borad?

  7. Thanks so much for posting this, a much simpler method than others have proposed! For anybody trying this out, a couple of tips: 1) forget about trying to save the screen. The glue strips are too bloody sticky! 2) buy the reseal sticker kit from ebay, they only cost $5 and fit to the phone perfectly 3) watch out for the little speaker connector on the right hand bottom side, including the little grey retainer, they are pretty loose. 5) be sure to set the aerial back in place, ensure the 3 little touch point connectors are touching their metal pads (you might need to give them a little stretch.

    Thanks once again!

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