Sony Xperia Z Review

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We’ve all been waiting for it and it’s finally here – the Sony Xperia Z. Josh takes it through the paces to see if it is the phone we all hoped it would be. Written Review: – Buy Now:

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42 Comments on Sony Xperia Z Review

  1. when it comes to design , i love xperia z's more than z3 (coz the z3 kinda looks like a soap that i have one in my bathroom lol) anyway imma getting one for my mom and she say she love the Z design more than z3. well z3 has better specs but z is not that bad either (i dont really care bout the price so)…..which one should i pick for my ma? a soap with a nice specs or a cool design with 1 year old spec from sony……?! (coz too much powerful device like z3 is not for old lady like my ma coz she may end up confused and i find out this is easier to use and understand)

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