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PhoneArena presents an in-depth video review of the Sony Xperia Z. Check it out and see whether or not Sony’s latest flagship smartphone has all that is needed to battle the fierce competition of 2013!

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  1. Bad phone! Just received it two weeks ago and battery life is terrible. It takes eons to charge up. That is when it is on wifi. If not your good for two days. Had a iPhone prior to the Sony and iPhone wins hands down in every field.

  2. m confused to buy between 2 handsets… SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 2 & SONY XPERIA Z… luv d xperia z…bt m a luver of android highend gaming… so li'l worried abut d battery life of sony… can any 1 help by giving ur suggestion? it might help me..

  3. I NEED HELP.. recently when I'm trying to take a photo with my sony xperia z by the main camera the focus doesn't correct anymore, the picture is foggy what's wrong please (((

  4. I need help what to choose between Samsung galaxy s4 active or Xperia Z i mean xperia z is so sexy looking phone has quad 1.5 water and dust res and the s4 active has quad 1.9 water and dust res and its a little uglier in my opinion so the question is this what to choose? haha

  5. I usually have my z with a cover.. Today, I took the cover out to clean it.. Upon inspection I noticed that the front and the back of the phone kinda bulges when you push it down on the edges.. Is it just my xperia z or was it created like this? My concern is this phone is no longer waterproof if the front and back is not completely sealed… If anybody has an xperia z let me know if your device kinda slightly moves/bulges/lifts when you push the screen down on the edges.. Do this for both the front and back and get back to me.. Thanks.

  6. I just got my xperia Z yesterday. Loving it 😉 I used to think apple was the best mobile manufactures , but since I got introduced to andriod and sony , I immediately got hooked to andriod and sony

  7. Well I bought it yesterday by selling out my old Samsung Galaxy S Advance. This Sony Z is far better than the Samsung Galaxy in many ways. It has HD screen,waterproof,bigger memory and dozens of other qualities. One of these is there are options to place ur icons on home page in many ways!!! Good luck!!!

  8. love my Sony Xperia Z. it's one of the sexiest phones I saw when comparing. I agree with most of what was said. I would give it more credit for the photos and videos it takes. mine have come out amazing. and the editing helps. BUT! the biggest disappointment I'm having with the phone is that every time I turn it on photos and audio files, podcasts and music, have been mysteriously deleted. I looked online and this seems to be common, with programs sprouting up you can pay for to retrieve your missing photos and music. this is AWFUL. I'm losing stuff I needed and wanted all the time. now, as soon as I take a photo or download a podcast, I have to also email it to myself just so I can get it should it vanish mysteriously. great phone but MAJOR FAIL on Sony's part. if anyone has a solution to this, let me know. also, my phone doesn't vibrate at all. I'm not so concerned about that but it should when in silent mode and when I type. no vibration at all.

  9. Do not buy the so-called water resistant ‪#‎Sony‬ ‪#‎Xperia_Z‬.
    I bought my Sony ‪#‎Xperia‬ Z from one year, during this year I repaired it twice, changing the antenna and the second changing the whole motherboard.
    From a week, my mobile – for the first time – was in the test of water, I dropped it in the water with depth 40cm and for less than 3 minutes, then it didn't work!!!
    I went to #‪#‎Delta‬ their service center in Makram Ebeid, and they claimed that the mobile is water proof not water resistant, which means it can withstand water in depth one meter and for 15 minutes, which is more than what I did.
    To cut it short, the service center tell me do whatever you want, we have instructions from #Sony not to fix water issues!!!! Even when I told them it may be due to the many fixations that they did.
    I called the call center, they told me "the service center know the issue, and we can't do anything"!!! I sent the complaint to Sony, and also they didn't reply!!!
    Do not believe the ‪#‎water_resistance‬ ads of #Sony.

  10. I realy regret when choosed this phone. It suckssss… Even not using,battery will drain. At the time u use it became xtremely hot. What the f**k!!!!'! If i wher u guys try something else but not this one. I cannot used this phone even for 1 hour…. Shiiiiiiit….

  11. I have this phone and I seriously recommend that you look elsewhere. The screen sucks and you can have many problems with it. Trust me I know.

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