Sony Xperia Z Review!

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The Xperia Z is quite the mind blowing mixed bag of a smartphone!

Sony Xperia Z:

The Xperia Z at CES 2013:

The Xperia Z’s wallpaper:

Song used during the speaker test:

Intro Track: ASDF Movie Song
Outro Track: “Channel 41” by Deadmau5


37 Comments on Sony Xperia Z Review!

  1. Bad review. This is a amazing piece of tech even for 2015. it has a sponge in its speaker so water will evaporate out of it. It's still fast and being updated today. it's now cheap. it has a amazing camera. it has live YouTube recording which is a feature for current phones today. 1080p 60fps display with mobile Bravia 2 engine? amazing. nfc. dualshock 3 compatibility. 4g lte.

    do I need to go on?

    this is an amazing phone for its time and now. You are being too picky about your phones because it's great. yeah the battery life and the mono low volume speaker is not great but can be fixed by using stamina mode with lower performance and Bluetooth/headset speaker.

  2. Say what you want but almost 3 years later this beast is running the latest android version available ….yeah! that's better product support than even google offers to nexus owners! Sony FTW!

  3. why is viewing angles such a bid deal? You look at your phone straight ok, STRAIGHT. YOU DON'T LOOK ON IT FROM THE SIDE OTHERWISE YOU IT'D BE HARD TO READ TEXTS!!

  4. Here is my review, had this for about 2 years now. I had to replace it in the first three months because "charging problem". The battery always over heats. A normal day it will last 8 hours. The camera is good but I don't really use it. My apps are always crashing. The next phone I'm moving to is the LG 4 OR HTC One m9. Never a Sony phone….. What you think?

  5. I have to agree with Damien McGrath. I have had to replace my original Xperia Z twice in the past 2 years due to the faulty gaskets around the charging port. I just finally paid off this $600 phone from T-Mobile and they are charging me $318 for "alleged water damage". My phone was never near water and is supposed to be water proof and has a hard protective cover over it. I have received the run around from T-Mobile and they put the blame on Sony and Sony puts the blame on T-Mobile. Either way, they are expecting an additional $318 from me. Bottom line, "IF THEY ARE NOT ON DRUGS, THEN THEY NEED TO BE", because I'm done with both.

  6. I had the sony xperia z. I lost it on the bus and now thinking about getting a new phone. This was one of the worst phones I have ever owned. after 6 months the waterproof seal started to break of.

  7. I have this phone and I love it! The day I got it, my brother called me and said he's going to the T-Mobile store to pick up new phones. So I quickly browsed through T-Mobile's store online and saw this and picked it in a few hours. Best decision ever!

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