Sony Xperia Z repair, disassembly manual

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Find the parts by this link: can offer all the spare parts for this disassembly.

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21 Comments on Sony Xperia Z repair, disassembly manual

  1. combien te temps faut'il laisser le sèche cheveux?how much time you have to let it dry hair? et comment remettre la vitre en place? and how to put the glass in place?

  2. my Xperia Z wasn't working so I replaced the battery thanks to this video, but it is still won't work and it overheats by only charging it. any advise on what to do??

  3. Hi there! My xperia Z phone volume has become extremely low(rigntone, loudspeaker, alarm)..few days before tea spilled over on my phone, after that it became very low.. how to bring it back to normal solution??


    Abdul Majid.

  4. The tiny piece of metal inside the micro usb port snapped out of my phone. I sent it off to virgin mobile, who sent it to sony and quoted £100 for repair!! thats rediculous!! the part itself is worth about £3. I feel like you need to be able to fix your own problems these days instead of dealing with these greedy companies…

  5. The Xperia Z have been randomly restarting, it's very annoying, but I think replacing the battery might do the trick, because I did the same for my Xperia T and SP and it all fine now.  However, after removing the back cover, would the adhesive tape be effective in water-proofing the phone again?

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