SONY XPERIA Z PS3 Wireless Controller How to Connect / Pair

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How to Connect / Pair the PS3 Controller to the SONY XPERIA Z Smartphone Wireless . We see if the drivers are packaged with the SONY XPERIA Z (C6603) smartphone to use the Playstation 3 (PS3) controller to play games and be paired via bluetooth so you can play games WITHOUT wires

We use the USB (OTG) On the Go Cable to connect the Sony Playstation 3 controller (PS3) gamepad to the SONY XPERIA Z (C6603) we how it handles gameplay on Grand Theft Auto Vice City as well as Dead Trigger

USB on the Go Cable (USA)

USB on the Go Cable (UK)

How to Root SONY XPERIA Z:

Get SONY XPERIA Z in the…

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  1. Awesome help, thanks, I'm assuming u need the app for games only right? Guessing standard control only works on the phone itself,
    Plz anyone –
    How do I get the old xperia Z to Bluetooth read my Ps4 joypad ?
    I noticed on my friends xperia3 he has an option for using one in the menu, but on the old Z all I get on that page is ps3 controller picture..
    Can Z even do it without the wire or is it a matter of waiting for the next 5.0 update thats apparently on its way

  2. Wrong, go to settings WITHOUT this app. choose xperia connectivity in the first section and press Dualshock 3 controller, no buying of the app needed!

  3. trying to sync PS3 controller with your steps but getting…

    "Attempting connection type 1
    Driver starting…
    Could not start driver. Check that your device is rooted.
    Restoring previous bluetooth state…


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  5. My xperia didn't need to be rooted for this to work, maybe it's because you have the older version software at the time of this video, the 4.2.1 or whatever it was I have the 4.2.2.

  6. Nice video!! Thanks for the "how-to" clip. I'm just wondering if it would be posible to "throw" the Xperia Z screen on a Smart TV during the Dualshock pairing. I mean, it's allowed to have the dualshockd paired to the XZ and, at the same time, the "throw" connection on a Smart TV?
    Thank you!

  7. I don't think there's a need to root the device anymore. Since the last update(I think xx.xx.xx.244, Sony already gave the ability to use the PS3 controller.

    Setting > Xperia > DUALSHOCK 3 and just follow the prompt and easy instructions.

  8. What I know is the that the C6602 comes with no LTE connectivity (4th mobile network generation), while the C6603 have the ability to utilize the LTE networks

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