Sony Xperia Z In-depth look at the camera features

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In this video I will be taking a look at the in depth features of the Sony Xperia Z Camera which is possibly the best camera app out there on the market.

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  1. Thanks for pointing out what all the features of the camera can do. It would've been more useful to actually demonstrate them outdoors vs. indoors, with different subjects in different lighting situations.

  2. I think those settings differ from Xperia z1 camera.I own the same phone but doesn't look the same in settings when i go to camera Images are very bad especially when taking them using a zoom the same when recording videos 

  3. Hello bro nice video but i have xperia z with android 4.4.2 kitkat .
    Bro mine photos have a too bad qualitty i don't know why!!
    Focus also is bed  .!!
    Please help me if you know anything idea ?!!!!! :D

  4. To get a blurry background you need either a very long lens (which the Z doesn't have) or be really up close to the subject. The blurriness of the bg however depends on the size of the sensor so the smaller the sensor the more difficult it's going to be to blur the background. Your best bet is just to get really close to your subject.

  5. please help me Robert i was watching and doing the same on my phone and when u reached to the normal camera and went to the settings you opened focus mode but y is my focus mode dark color as it means i cant open it and when i select it ,, it doesn't open 🙁
    please help me 🙁

  6. Rooting doesn't make a difference to the camera features. Rooting is almost like jailbreaking if you're familiar at all with that. It allows you to customise your phone a lot more like change boot animations and change the battery logo and so on.

  7. I have no idea. I was wondering the same. Strange one.

    Re Fingernails. They look a lot better now I have taken care of them and tried really hard to make them presentable. Check out my latest video and you'll see it.

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