Sony Xperia Z Hands-On

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Sony unveiled its newest flagship Android device at CES 2013, and thanks to a helpful Sony representative with a soft spot for patchy beards, we were there to get our hands all over an untethered model. From its 13-megapixel camera to its 5-inch 1080p display to its tempered-glass finish, this Jelly Bean-rocking smartphone has a lot to offer — but does it pack enough to “wow” the tough-to-impress? Watch our video to find out.

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31 Comments on Sony Xperia Z Hands-On

  1. because the OS is written for one device specificly. while Android is just ported and got changed again. But then again… does it mean if it starts in 1 or 0.2seconds? The iphone shutter is slow anyways. so you pay the price WHILE taking the photo…at least.. in my iphone5. Well… not anymore to be honest. as i sold the device after a month. But not going for Xperia as i would hate the fingerprints of my always "wet" palms, too.

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  4. It's really awkward that today, pocketnow is saying this phone is the worst phone ever and i'm like, who the fuck cares I wanted to have a water and dust resistant high-end phone and its my personal preference.

  5. Sony should have goldenend the Contacts for headphones or sdcard. so that even if water comes into the headphoneslot nothing would start to corroside.

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