Sony Xperia Z Goes Underwater For Waterproof Test

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We decided to put Sony’s waterproof claims for the Xperia Z to the test by dunking the phone in a bowl of water and seeing what it’ll do…

Putting £500+ worth of smartphone in water is a nerve-racking experience, we can tell you! Stay tuned for our full review of the phone.

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  1. Water borne Disease paralyzed world’s most publicized waterproof phoneAre you surprised, please don’t be, Amazing but true, this happened with me, my Z2 phone started misbehaving after updating it from Lollipop to Marshmallow recently. As soon as it was updated the touchscreen and microphone became partially defunct and the authorised service station engineer says this is a water seeping problem, and it can be cured only by replacing the display screen & probably mic also, and the reason for dysfunction reported by them is water.
     I am al a loss to understand, if this is a waterproof phone, which can withstand swimming pool photography & Havans.

  2. I wouldn't say it works underwater. The ad shows you being able to record video with the display switched on whilst underwater but you clearly canott do that so it's kind of a scam really.

  3. I just got the phone yesterday and I'm glad you did this cause I didn't have the balls to actually test it out. I was actually really nervous for you when you were about to dunk it.

  4. That's because the electricity from your hands is traveling through the water. That's why the touchscreen becomes unresponsive or a little wacky when wet. Remember water conducts electricity.

  5. may i ask is it xperia z and xperia zr.. both are same waterproof. but only xperia zr can stay deeper ?? xperia z also can take as underwater camera too ?

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